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Visit to Apna Orphanage
NCSC TABA team visited Apna Orphanage on January 1, 2017. The said orphanage is located near Siddique Public School, Opposite PWD in Rawalpindi, and houses a total of 26 children with ages ranging between 5 to 12 years. A team of more than 15 volunteers, both from within the council and without, accompanied us for the visit.
The team left NUST at about 11am, and reached the operation venue a little before 12pm. They started by interacting with the kids in small groups to get them comfortable with new people. Some of the volunteers had been to the orphanage before as well so this helped in making the acquainting process faster. The children were really friendly, though some were really shy, and they quickly formed attachments with volunteers they most liked. 
Next, a few warming up activities were conducted Following this each child was required to introduce themselves. Some were pretty confident about it while others had to be convinced by volunteers. All the meanwhile children continued to draw, color, and interact with volunteers. Next, a hygiene activity ensued where volunteers asked to the children in groups about what they thought of ‘safai’ and why is it important. This made the children think about it and have something to say when they were required to say something about cleanliness. 
After lunch, the kids went outside and played games like football, cricket, tug-of-war, London Stop and Ring-a-ring-of-Roses. The kids were overjoyed and stuck to their favorite sir’s and ma’am’s teams, as they chose to call the volunteers. 
The aim of this event, as always, was to interact with these beautiful kids and to bring a smile on their innocent faces if we could.