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Stress Management Workshop
NUST's Character Building Society conducted a  ‘Stress Management Workshop’ which was attended by males and females alike, not to mention several esteemed members of NUST’s faculty.  There was a turnout of about two hundred attendees at the event.
Beginning with a beautifully heartfelt recitation of the Qur’an by our President Abdullah Ismail, the speaker Dr Yousuf Raza – who is a renowned Psychiatrist and public speaker began his talk on the nature of stress, its causes, effects and symptoms. Finally after a lengthy explanation of the three dimensions of the human being, namely the body, mind and soul, the workshop culminated with a discussion on the possible avenues of prevention of rampant stress problems, and in the case where managing stress has already become an issue, then some simple methods for improvement and general guidelines that would lead to a cure were presented.
By the time four o’clock rolled by, the lecture itself had arrived at its concluding stages, giving way for an engaging QA session which, due to time constraints, ended amongst the audience’s pleas for more. Overall, the entire event was most inspirational for those that attended, leaving a widely satisfied audience that eagerly awaited the next such event, all the while taking home stomachs full of food for thought, and tons of advice to be implemented in their already stressful daily lives.