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School Teaching Project by NCSC students
In this modern age of digitisation, a multitude of information is available at one’s fingertips via the Internet. The computer is a portal one uses to delve into the vast ocean of human knowledge and to add to it. It is thus vital to educate future generations, especially the children of the impoverished, in using this powerful communication device effectively in order to keep pace with the developed world.
To this end, a team of students from NUST went to a children's school in Police Lines in H-11, Islamabad to equip them with the skills necessary to use a computer. Over the course of two visits, the children were taught the very rudimentary concepts of computer usage. They were introduced to the hardware components of a computer and were taught how to complete simple tasks such as copying, pasting and deleting data, minimising and maximising windows and changing desktop wallpapers. The children were very enthusiastic learners and they showed that by asking pertinent questions and completing their home assignments on time. Upon completion of this short programme, the students from NUST expressed their delight in undertaking the task of teaching an eager bunch of youngsters.
It takes the concerted efforts of a team of determined individuals to impart useful knowledge to others, and this team from NUST showed how it could be done.