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Relief Campaign for IDPs NCSC TABA team and NUST administration join hands to help the IDPs

Operation Zarb-e-Azb was launched by Pakistan Army to finally put an end to the enemy in North Waziristan. As this operation continues to eliminate the most dangerous threats to our country, about 900,000 people of North Waziristan were forced to leave their homes for the sake of their lives. These people are in dire need of basic life necessities. As a result of this displacement, NUST Community Service club (NCSC) along with its TABA team and NUST administration decided to raise money in order to provide some basic necessities of life for the IDPs (Internally Displaced People) from Waziristan. The funds generated in this campaign came from a massive donation drive conducted by the team, contribution from the alumni and NUST administration.


The dedicated members of the NCSC participated enthusiastically in the campaign and successfully continued it for 3 weeks.  Firstly, a need based survey of the area was outlined which revealed the total number of families that are relocated into the schools in Bannu and adjoining areas. NUST decided to help the IDPs dwelling at Government Degree College Landi Jhalandar Bannu on Indus Highway. Moreover, the Club took the responsibility of providing food and basic necessities of life for the 19 families and 154 people in total, living in that college till the operation ends and the situation returns to normal.

Furthermore, water shortage in that area was identified as a major problem. An immediate action was taken with the help of NUST Alumni and the problem was addressed promptly. With the help of NUST Alumni’s generous contribution and cooperation, a generator and a regulator for the tube well were provided. This generator is now functional.

Meanwhile, volunteers of NCSC and TABA foundation worked with great enthusiasm and zeal for the campaign and successfully raised a significant amount of money. Their successful fundraising techniques and ideas led to the collection of a total of Rs 1,450,000 from various places including door to door collection drives at NUST, donation drive at Safa Gold Mall and Olive Garden etc. The NUST faculty selflessly donated their one day salary for this noble cause which was approximately 3.5 million rupees. A total of 4.5 million was raised in the campaign.

After receiving immense support and assistance from the people, the next step was to put this money into good use and utilize it properly and effectively. A significant amount of money from this charity was given to the Army. Considering the fact that Eid-ul-fitr was near, the team decided to purchase Eid gifts for the IDPs. Volunteers along with Director Administration, Brig. Arif, Col. Mehmood and AM Community Service Athar Mushtaq headed towards Bannu in order to distribute the Eid gifts and greet the IDPs. A cheque worth Rs 3.5 million was presented to Brig. Aftab Commd 475 Engrs Bde Gp/45 Engrs Div. The male distributed Eid gifts among men and children and female students distributed among women and girls. A cash of Rs 5,000 was given to each family by the students. The students spent almost two hours with the IDPs and army representatives gaining first-hand knowledge of the conditions of the IDPs.