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Postgraduate Studies and Scholarship Opportunities Seminar organized by NCSC’s Experience NUST Team
Students at NUST go through a rigorous schedule of coursework and work extremely hard to stay at par with the strenuous demand for survival in a competitive environment. However, there lies a deficiency of motivation when the perception of bleak future prospects is not being wiped away by proper guidance. Therefore, it is vital to share the experience of those individuals who have experienced fruitful consequences of survival in this environment. For this purpose, a seminar was organized by NUST Community Service Club (NCSC)
Experience NUST Team for enhancing the awareness about the importance of postgraduate studies within the students of NUST. This event was organized at the National Institute of Transportation (NIT) Seminar Hall in School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE) on Wednesday 19th March 2014. The panel of speakers was a mixture of current and former faculty members of National Institute of Transportation (NIT) and NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE). They were invited because of their relevant experience regarding scholarships in various countries around the world where scholars and professionals yearn to pursue further studies. The esteemed panel of speakers included Lecturer Abdul Baseer Awan (Fulbright Scholar of 2012), Dr. Muhammad Babar Khan (PhD from Southwest Jiaotong University China), Sir Ahmed Rasheed (recipient of the prestigious MEXT Scholarships of Japan) and Usama Mazhar (senior student). As the faculty members gave their insights and guidance on the process of applying for various scholarships and shed light on several scholarship opportunities, Mr. Usama, who was also the Master of Ceremony, gave a small presentation on GRE and gave his personal account as he appeared for the GRE in 2013. Feedback forms were also circulated throughout the student populace present inside the auditorium. The general response to these forms gives a strong indication of the productivity of this event. The event was concluded by AM Athar Mushtaq, who presented souvenirs to the respective speakers.