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NUST wins first place in 2015 MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship
The NCSC Education for Empowerment program was established in 2007 at the National University of Sciences and Technology. The program focuses on community education needs and empowering the community by providing basic education, career counseling for better employability, collecting and distributing textbooks, improving existing education quality and imparting skills for employment and poverty reduction, as well as contributing to educational infrastructure improvement.
There are approximately 6,000 students who participate in the Education for Empowerment program, either by taking a module class or by joining the program as a volunteer. There is a faculty advisor who coordinates annual budget, transportation, supplies, space, security and provides administrative support. The university students design and implement all of the community projects with the support and guidance of faculty and local NGOs. When students start new projects, they are required to train a new cohort of students to carry on the program once they graduate. There is a wide-range of programs and services provided by the Education for Empowerment program, including tutoring, parent counseling, career counseling, skill development workshops, and vocational training.