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NUST Community Service Club launches a monthly newsletter
​NUST Community Service Club (NCSC0 took it upon themselves to spread the message of hope when they centralized their monthly newsletter around this theme. The newsletter not only listed the completed, the ongoing and the upcoming community service activities to be held under the banner of NCSC  but also narrated a touching story of a group of three friends who ensured an orphan’s future be lit with hopes and dreams.
On the 4th of April ‘2016, for the launch of its newsletter, the club organized some activities spreading its message further.
On the first day, the team arranged a platform where students were invited to scribble their wish for the world, on a piece paper and paste it on a wall. The turnout was great and soon the wall stood colorfully decorated bearing witness to many’s heartiest hopes for our world. While some took the job to the heart and jotted down some inspiring world changers, others’ hopes were limited to the everyday student lives or as according to one post ‘winning the world cup next year.’ Next day of the launch, the team developed a silent and laid back approach. Before the rush hours, the café was lit with candles and colorful cheerful notes stuck on tables all over Concordia 1. Copies of the newsletter were distributed to the students as well inspiring them to carry the message of hope onwards by contributing to and serving the society in whatever ways they can. An online version of the newsletter could also be found on Facebook’s page and NCSC official website.