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NCSC continues with Orphans Know More project
If you yearn to learn and teach, NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) Orphans Know More (OKM) is the best place to start. OKM’s legacy continued as the core team, comprising 5 event heads and 21 participants, visited Aghosh Orphanage on 7th January, 2017.
54 little ones lined the balcony facing the main road in anticipation of their guests. There were a great number of activities planned by OKM’s enthusiastic team this time. The day kicked off with an energetic jive, serving as a warm-up session of sorts. Next, the kids were divided into 4 groups according to their age group; 2 groups for the elder lot and 2 for the younger of the bunch. Each of the different activities were catered for the different age groups. A galactic presentation, featuring images of our majestic solar system, enticed the more grown-up children. What quickly followed was a session where the children were encouraged to come forward to tell audience what they had learned from the presentation; an attempt at pushing the kids out of their comfort zone and helping them get over the fear of speaking to large audiences. For the younger ones, there was a demonstration on the transfer of germs, highlighting the importance of personal hygiene in hopes that it would increase their chances at being protected from various common diseases.
 Next in line was an activity concerned with a New Year’s resolution. The little ones were encouraged to come up with practical goals that they wanted to achieve during the year 2017, teaching them the importance of self-improvement. The children’s New Year’s resolutions were colorfully recorded on vibrant chart papers, and displayed in their bedrooms to serve as a reminder. All that thinking sure did make the kids’ bellies rumble! Fortunately, the team was already prepared for that in advance, as they distributed cookies amonst the children. The productive day came to an end with a cake cutting ceremony in celebration of the year 2017, followed by a gift distribution by Ideas foundation.