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NCSC TABA team organizes “Hunt like Holmes” to raise funds for Saya School

Sherlock, for obvious reasons, will always be associated with a good mind. It would be appropriate to suggest that Sherlock Holmes is as much of an entity as he is a personality. NCSC TABA team wasted no time in realizing this rather visible trend and went ahead with a uniquely captioned event to support the cause of welfare.

An event was organized by NCSC TABA team on 7th November 2014 at NUST, H-12 Campus. The event kicked off at a quarter to 2 in IAEC and lasted till four thirty in the evening. Almost fifty teams participated in the event. There were four teams that emerged successful, with two coming in the first and second place respectively and two sharing the third spot. The prize money for the first position is Rs 3000, Rs 2000 for second position and Rs 1000 each would go to the two teams sharing the third spot.

“Hunt like Holmes” was organized to collect funds for development of SAYA School. The SAYA School is a private institution in Mera Akhu near the slums area of F-12, set up solely on the basis of donations and facilitates over 300 children from the surrounding areas. It was solely this purpose that made the team go head-strong in their efforts to make this event a success.  The event paid off due to the hard-work of members of the chapter and their dedication to the cause of SAYA School.