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NCSC Executives meet Mr and Mrs Edhi

President and Press Secretary NCSC Rabia Anwar and Nida ul Fatima met with Abdus Sattar Edhi And Bilquise Edhi in Karachi. Abdus Sattar Edhi is the most prominant philanthropist of the country running the largest welfare organization in Pakistan; The Edhi Foundation. Edhi Foundation is the most active non government organization in Pakistan and has rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants, rehabilitated over 50,000 orphans and has trained over 40,000 nurses since it was created. The foundation has over three hundred and thirty welfare centers in rural and urban Pakistan which serve as rehabilitation homes, shelters for abandoned women and children and clinics for the mentally handicapped and food kitchens. The students were joined by the members of Community Service Club of PNEC and Mr Edhi told them about the motivation, drive and struggles faced by him and his wife during the course of establishing and maintaining the Edhi Foundation. He also told about the set up with which the organization currently works and the need to do philanthropic work in the country.