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NCSC Character Building team organizes a talk on Professional Ethics
In contemporary Pakistani society many otherwise unethical practices have attained such a level of social acceptability that their unethical nature has been rendered irrelevant. Those who use unfair meansare often found way up in the social hierarchy whereas those who choose tofollow the rules often have to pay a heavy price for doing so. Some may even say that it has become impossible to get ahead professionally without relinquishing the set of rules that define good professional behavior. However, we here at NUST Community Service Club – Character Building team (NCSC-CBT) believe that every malpractice in society can be curbed by educating the individuals. With the motto ‘Professionalism with sincerity’, we hope to instill a lifelong sense of moral responsibility among the students.

To serve this purpose NCSC-CBT organized a seminar on professional ethics on the 1st of December, 2016. The guest speaker for the seminar was Miss Atiya Zulfiqar, Deputy Director Career Development Center (CDC) at NUST. Miss Atiyahas over nine years of experience as a career mentor working with students of different backgrounds. She is also a prolific speaker and has been a part of many workshops and seminars on career development.

The event started at 2:45 pm with the recitation of the Holy Quran. After this the guest speaker was requested on stage to address the audience. Miss Atiya started with the basic question of what ethics were, defining them simply as the difference between being good and bad. She went on to explain the distinction between personal and professional ethics.

Throughout the session she placed special emphasis on the importance of Islam as a complete set of moral and ethical values for all areas of life. She expressed dismay at how people who talk about Islam as a guiding light are often branded conservative or backward. She argued, however, that the sheer dissatisfaction present in western societies these days is proof that spiritual needs of an individual are just as important as the material ones. She recounted various instances from her own life including her time in the US to back up her arguments.

Miss Atiya interacted with the audience at various instances during the 90 minute session. The attendees were asked questions and were encouraged to be open and honest in answering them. To their credit, they participated enthusiastically and recounted various instances in which they were faced with ethical predicaments. Towards the end a formal question and answer session took place. The questions that were asked had a common theme of how one could simultaneously be righteous and ambitious in today’s morally corrupt world. Another topic of heated discussion was the relationship between parents and children and how it needed to be properly defined so that the rights and responsibilities of both parties could be addressed.

In the end Miss Atiya was presented with a souvenir by the president of NCSC-CBT,Usman Ahmed Noor. She hailed the efforts of NCSC-CBT in the area of character building and expressed her willingness to be involved in such ventures in the future.