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NUST Need-based Scholarship (NNBS)

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NUST provides need-based scholarships to its selected Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of fresh entry every year on the basis of their financial need.  
  • The final merit for award of NNBS is generated on the basis of need of the student and his / her admission merit.   
  • Financial aid also depends on the availability of University funds.  
  • The scholarship is for on Campus duration of the program in which the student is enrolled.  

Categories of Award 

The scholarship award is of two categories:
  • Boarders (Full tuition fee waiver) 
  • Day Scholars (Half tuition fee waiver) 

How to Apply for NNBS

  • Students may apply for NNBS on the prescribed form available on the website and send their applications to the NUST Financial Aid Office, PGP Dte, through their institutions during the stipulated application period. 
  • Selection of scholarship awardees is completed within 3 months of the start of the academic year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students securing admission on open merit only are eligible for the award.​ 
  • Parents' / guardians' income (from all sources) of the students should not be more than the prescribed limit. The limit is enhanced each year to compensate for inflation.
  • Continuation of scholarship is subject to availability of funds and good conduct of the student. 
  • NNBS awardees are also eligible to avail any other scholarship that does not provide cover for the complete expenditure of their studies (tuition fee + Hostel + food expenses) like PEEF Scholarship, Support from W&R Dte, PEC merit scholarship, etc. However awardees of HEC FATA-Baluchistan Scholarship, National ICTR&D Fund Scholarship and other such scholarships will be considered ineligible for NNBS. 

Need Evaluation 

  • Preliminary Selection Committee evaluates ​the financial need of each student on the basis of his / her applicationthrough interview and determines whether or not the candidates and their families have adequate resources to finance education at NUST.​​
  • The financial aid office is authorized to conduct physical verification and periodic reviews of all the NNBS awardees of NUST during any time of the year. In case of any misrepresentation / misreporting, the student can be debarred from the program. ​  

     ​​Details of Procedures Followed in the Financial Aid Office  

  • Requests for Need-based Scholarship are annually invited in the months of September - October, from students of fresh batch.
  • Desirous candidates initially apply to their respective institutions through applications on the prescribed NNBS form.
  • Upon receipt of the NNBS application forms, the Financial Aid Office, PGP Dte, proceeds as under:
  • Scrutiny of the forms along with their supporting documents
  • Preparation of data sheets for respective applicants to identify relationship between the total annual income of applicants’ family, total expenditures and nature of such expenditures
  • Allocation of points to individual candidates on the basis of the eligibility criteria determined in an interview of each student with the Preliminary Selection Committee and after taking into account the following factors:                             
  •                                             (1) Expenses on education of other siblings.
                                                (2) Evaluation / Verification of applicant assets and miscellaneous financial resources.
                                                (3) Status of the father i.e. alive or deceased, supporting the family or separated .
                                                (4) Support from other sources.
                                                (5) Financial standing other than income.
                                                (6) Academic result and potential.
                                                (7) Conveyance expenditure etc.

  • Recommendations of the Preliminary Selection Committee are put up towards the NUST Scholarships Management Committee for finalizing the award of scholarships.

    Note: The NNBS application forms submitted with incomplete documents will not be processed. For more details, please contact Financial Aid Office, PGP Dte.

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