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Indulge the Foodie in You

Be prepared to be pampered with deliciousness at NUST…

NUST has a wide plethora of yum-yums available at incredibly affordable rates for you to enjoy! Be it local Pakistani cuisine, fast food, patisserie or some healthy salads, the three cafés at NUST have something to satisfy every craving.

First up, we have the Concordia 1 café. Famous for its mouth-watering oven-fresh pizza, Concordia 1 serves as a convenient place to sit and chill with your friends while nomming away at the food. Fresh juice, salads, burgers, French fries, samosas, the list goes on and on! And for the cheese lovers, a delish pizza after a long is just magnífico! For just 280 Pakistani Rupees, you can feast on this beauty!


Look at me, I’m yummy!

Serving the engineering students, Concordia 2 provides a heaven for the students of nearby engineering schools to socialize and refuel. It’s distinguishing characteristic is the Harold’s Oven, which serves a variety of baked goodies. You can even order a cake to surprise your friend on their birthday with a sweet treat for around 500 rupees! Totally worth it!

Amongst other delicacies are donuts, sandwiches, spaghetti, shawarma and biryani. I highly recommend the shawarma platter exclusive to Concordia 2!

Aaaaand taking away your breath with its spectacular scenery and freshly prepared food is the NG Café! It’s just lovely to sit after evening and enjoy your hot coffee and watch the serene landscape just ahead.

Besides the usual tikkas, kebabs and kormas, the Chicken Pulao served here is simply amazing! For about 200 rupees, you can enjoy a satisfying meal! Plus tea to wash it all down!