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Experience Pakistan Like Never Before

What comes to mind when you think of Pakistan? The age old architecture of Lahore that speaks of centuries of Mughal Rule and the aroma of rich cuisine that beckons you into the busy food street that is equally famous among the locals and the tourists. Karachi - the city of lights - welcomes people from all cultural and social backgrounds into its arms. We think of Peshawar and instantly of the Qissa Khwani Bazaar, also called the Piccadilly of Central Asia. Go up to Gigit Baltistan and you would find the highest Polo ground in the world. Quetta reminds us of the cold dry winters and the majestic mountains that stand in all their glory. We travel to Islamabad and are surrounded with breathtaking scenery.


Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan, is not only famous for its beautiful scenery but also for the fact that it suits well to people from all cultural backgrounds. The accommodating environment and the warm manner in which the locals welcome the tourists speak for the age old tradition of hospitality of the Pakistani people in general and of the residents of Islamabad in particular. The city offers something for everyone and one rarely feels out of place, thanks to the diversity of the residents of the capital city. The capital is home to some of the leading educational institutes of the country. National University of Sciences and Technology is considered the premier educational institute established in Islamabad.

National University of Sciences and Technology, commonly known as NUST, was established as an institution for training the armed forces in the fields of science and technology. Over a period of time, NUST transitioned from being a military training institute to a university that now caters to the needs of students wishing to pursue science, business and arts. The campus of NUST in Islamabad is spread over the entire H-12 sector and the state of the art facilities that are provided to the students have won global acclaim for the university. However, academics and a state of the art campus are not the only reasons that have won accolades for NUST. The plethora of extra-curricular activities that are offered to the students form a major part of the university life.

A Word about NIMUN…

NUST International Model United Nations (NIMUN) is one such event among various others that has not only caught the attention of students all across Pakistan but also on an international level. NUST International Model United Nations is an annual MUN that is conducted by the student body and involves four rigorous days of debating and fun social events. NIMUN is not just about debating; rather it is an opportunity for the international participants to socialize with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and to experience Pakistan like never before.If you are curious to know more about what Pakistan has to offer in terms of its rich cultural heritage, NIMUN provides the perfect platform to allow an experience of a life time!