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Projects in Progress

Research and Development Projects are catalysts in furthering the mission of University in Teaching, research and uplift of socio-economic sector of the country. These Projects enhance and expand available educational opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students at the University. Similarly the research and development projects permit research, scholarly inquiring and the development of new knowledge and assist University in fulfilling its responsibilities towards nation building.


S.No Project Title Institute Principal Investigator Date of Approval Total Cost (Rs. in M)
Funding Agency
1 Object Detection & Categorization for Blind Using Deep Neutal Learning SEECS Dr. Ahmad Salman 20-Jun-2017 7.898 National ICT R&D Fund
2 CricFlex - World's First Wearable for Cricket SEECS Dr. Hammad Cheema 20-Jun-​2017 17.449 National ICT R&D Fund
3 Development of Magneto Elastomer Based Seismic Isolation Systems for seismic protection of civil structures SCEE (NICE) Dr. Muhammad Usman 12-Jun-2017 0.495 HEC
4 Surface Modification of Polymer Surface by Laser Ablation for Culture of Mammalian Cells SCME Dr. Usman Liaqat 7-Jun-2017 0.495 HEC
5 Laser-Assisted fabrication of Graphene and Mxene based novel energy storage devices SNS Dr. Syed Rizwan Hussain 6-Jun-2017 21.838 Pak-US
6 Numerical Analysis of Combustion Dynamics for Coal Gasification SCME Dr. Muhammad Ahsan  6-Jun-2017 0.2644 HEC
7 Tangible Video Communicaiton RCMS Dr. Shahzad Rasool 2-Jun-2017 0.361 HEC
8 Design and Development of S-Band TRR Module for Phased-Array Radars SMRIMMS Dr. Hammad Cheema 2-Jun-2017 13.867 HEC
9 Designing, Establishment and validation on non-invasive diagnostic Kit of Endemic Viral Infections in Pakistan ASAB Dr. Sobia Manzoor 2-Jun-2017 4.218 HEC
10 AAWAZ SEECS Dr. Seemab Latif 2-Jun-2017 6.935 HEC
11 Reshaping online consumer experience with Data Driven Personalized SEECS Dr. Faisal Shafait 2-Jun-2017 11.207 HEC
12 Design and Development of Vertical Balancing Machine SMME Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti 2-Jun-2017 8.253 HEC
13 Laboratory Setup for membrane Distillation Research SMME Dr. Zaib Ali 1-Jun-2017 0.49 HEC
14 Virus-induced human oncogenesis: Analyzing the role of MMTV, HPV and EBV in the development of breast cancer ASAB Dr. Hajra Sadia 16-May-2017 2.585 HEC
15 gene mapping IN FAMILIES WITH INHERITED EPILEPSY SYNDROMES ASAB Dr. Muhammad Jawad hassan 16-May-2017 4.595 HEC
16 Violent Extremism and Urban Youth: Exploring the Potential of Digital Story-Telling to Create Counter Narratives S3H Dr. Najma Sadiq 16-May-2017 0.7399 HEC
17 Urban Expansion as an Incursive factor for food Security: An Assessment of Spatio-Tempororal Variations in Punjab Province, Pakistan SCEE (IGIS) Dr. Muhammad Azmat  16-May-2017 1.847 HEC
18 Simultaneous production of Biofuel and CO2 sequestration through MicroAlgal Technology (MAT) to combat climate Change SCME Dr. Wasif Farooq 16-May-2017 10.64 HEC
19 Towards Emerging Perovskite and Solid State Dye-sensitized Solar Cells USPCAS-E Dr. Nadia Shahzad 16-May-2017 8.927 HEC
20 Solar Powered Temperature and Relative Humidity Monitoring for the Multipurpose Silo Bin  SEECS Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Younis 12-May-2017 7.207 Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) ALP Sectt 
21 Design and Implementation of Solar-Wind Hybrid System for Rural communities of Pakistan and Iran with Emphasis on Energy Effeciency USPCAS-E Dr. Syed Muhammad Raza Kazmi 5-May-2017 0.543 PSF
22 Understanding Child Labor Dynamics from Public to Public Policy Prespective in Pakistan S3H Dr. Zahid Siddique 3-May-2017 4.00 HEC
23 Adaptation to  Climate Change: Building Resistant Livehood for the Vulnerable Communities of Hazara and Malakand Division of KPK, Pakistan S3H Dr. Umar Khayyam 3-May-2017 3.7 HEC
24 Body Area Network Channel Modeling for Communication between Implantable insulin pumps and sensors, controlled through Handheld devices RCMS Dr. Sana Ajmal 28-Apr-2017 0.473 HEC
25 Design of High-Reliability RF MEMS Switch for reconfigurable 5G Antennas  SMRIMMS Dr. Fahim Ullah Khan 28-Apr-2017 0.485 HEC
26 Modeling and Assessing the water energy food security in the indus river Basin SCEE (IGIS) Dr. Javed Iqbal 22-Apr-2017 9.3 DAAD German Academic Exchage Services
27 Mechanical Characterization of Carbon Glass Fiber / Nanoparticle- Epoxy Hybrid Polymeric Composites SCME Dr. Sarah Farrukh 10-Apr-2017 0.5 NESCOM
28 Design of Cyclic 4DC for imaging sensor in CMOS 0.354 M Technology SEECS Dr. Awais Kamboh 10-Apr-2017 0.18 NESCOM
29 Autonomous landing of Fixed wing UAV on Runways using computer vision and machine learning techniques SEECS Dr. Faisal Shafait 10-Apr-2017 0.15 NESCOM
30 Research-based participatory approach for handling/teaching students with disability at NUST C3A Dr. Gulnaz Zahid 5-Apr-2017 0.52 HEC
31 Evaluation of Untapped Anti-Inflammatory Potential Of Natural Compounds Against Rheumatoid Arthritis  ASAB Dr. Peter John 5-Apr-2017 5.66 HEC
32 Sugarcane productivity enhancement by development of transgenic ASAB Dr. Muhammad Tahir 5-Apr-2017 5.439 HEC
33 Elucidation of potential effects of anti-diabetics and acetylcholine esterase inhibitors: a comparative analysis for combined therapeutic strategies for type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. ASAB Dr. Saadia Zahid 5-Apr-2017 2.42 HEC
34 Analyzing the Tumor Educated Platelets (TEP) as Potential Bio-Marker in Molecular Diagnosis of Liver Cancer: A minimally Invasive Approach alternative to Tissue Biopsy ASAB Dr. Sobia Manzoor 5-Apr-2017 1.86 HEC
35 Decision Support System for Detection of Glaucoma using Structural and Non Structural Features CE&ME Dr. Muhammad Usman Akram 5-Apr-2017 1.63 HEC
36 Energy Conservation and Entropy Generation Rate for Peristaltic Flow With the Interaction of Nanoparticles  CE&ME Dr Noreen Sher Akbar, Dr Asim Aziz 5-Apr-2017 0.82 HEC
37 Pharmacoinformatics Approaches to Design Dual Inhibitors of Tyrosine Kinase Domain of IR and IGF-1R RCMS Dr. Ishrat Jabeen 5-Apr-2017 1.23 HEC
38 Design and Optimization of Diffuser for Horizontal Axis Diffuser Augmented Tidal Current Turbine RCMS Dr. Salma Sherbaz 5-Apr-2017 0.49 HEC
39 Evaluation of chemical induced toxicity and quorum quenching potential using fish as a model organism SCEE (IESE) Dr. Imran Hashmi 5-Apr-2017 4.67 HEC
40 Enhancing Biogas Production from Sewage Sludge and Ligno-Cellulosic Waste through Nanoparticles Assisted Chemical Pretreatment SCEE (IESE) Dr. Zeshan  5-Apr-2017 4.34 HEC
41 Vulnerability of Climate Change on Water Resources and Its Consequences on Agriculture Water Management in pakistan SCEE (IGIS) Dr. Muhammad Azmat  5-Apr-2017 2.651 HEC
42 Scenario based Planning Support system for development and evaluation of peri-urban plans  SCEE (NIT) Dr. Abdul Waheed 5-Apr-2017 1.87 HEC
43 Private Sector led Best Practices for Environmental Protection  and Tackling the Issue of Climate Change in Pakistan SCEE (NIT) Dr. Malik Asghar Naeem 5-Apr-2017 2.31 HEC
44 Development of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) based sorbent for hydrogen storage and CO2 capture applications SCME Dr. Tayyaba Noor 5-Apr-2017 7.28 HEC
45 Nanostructured Titania Based Devices For Sustainable Energy And Environment SCME Dr. Sofia Javed 5-Apr-2017 12.22 HEC
46 Uncertainty Quantification for Efficient Process Design and Operation of Naphtha Reforming Process SCME Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad 5-Apr-2017 1.38 HEC
47 Synthesis and characterization of electromagnetic absorbing properties of M type hexa-nanoferrites composite with conducting materials SCME Dr. Iftikhar Hussain Gull 5-Apr-2017 9.83 HEC
48 Water Treatment Using High Performance Antifouling Functional Polymer Membranes In combination with activated carbon filtration SCME Dr. Nasir Mehmood Ahmad 5-Apr-2017 12.67 HEC
49 Developing an Efficient and Robust SLAM Algorithm for Indoor and Outdoor Mobile Robots SEECS Dr. Muhammad Latif Anjum 5-Apr-2017 3.87 HEC
50 Use of Noether Symmetries in the identification of feasible cosmological models SEECS Dr. Sajid Ali 5-Apr-2017 0.96 HEC
51 Preclinical Studies of Antibacterial Nano-carriers (ATNs); Real Time Effect of the ATNs on Bacterial Colonization SMME Dr. Nosheen Fatima Rana 5-Apr-2017 3.98 HEC
52 Electron Donors Assisted Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 Employing N-Doped Graphene Supported Metal Chalcogenide Photocatalysts SNS Dr. Muhammad Fahad Ehsan 5-Apr-2017 3.34 HEC
53 All Carbon Resistive Memory Devices Based on Laser-Induced Reduced Graphene Oxide/Graphene Oxide Hybrid Structure SNS Dr. Syed Rizwan Hussain 5-Apr-2017 15.18 HEC
54 Design and Fabrication of 5G MIMO Antenna for Mobile Communication  SMRIMMS Dr. Nosherwan Shoaib 17-Mar-2017 0.495 HEC
55 Implications of Climate Change on Snow Cover Dynamics and Hydrological Behavior in HK-Karakorum-Himalayan Ranges SCEE (IGIS) Dr. Muhammad Azmat 7-Mar-2017 0.4044 HEC
56 Incorporating Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles in Micro-Grid Operation and ints impact analysis CE&ME Dr. Azhar Ul Haq 6-Mar-2017 0.426 HEC
57 Crowd Analytics: Anomaly Detection and Counting  SMME Dr. Hasan Sajid 3-Mar-2017 0.49 HEC
58 Potent Anti-proliferative, Pro-Proliferative, Pro-Apoptotic Activity of the Taxifolin against Liver Cancer Cells ASAB Dr. Maria Shabbir 15-Feb-2017 0.345 HEC
59 Modeling and Simulation for vibration Damping of sonobuoy suspension system CE&ME Dr. Naveed Akmal Din 13-Feb-2017 0.1 NESCOM
60 Design and development of a prototype for a3-DoF autonomous underwater Vehicle CE&ME Dr. Sajid Ullah Butt 13-Feb-2017 0.15 NESCOM
61 Hydrodynamic modeling of underwater vehicles using CFD / Semi empirical methods SMME Dr. Emad Uddin 13-Feb-2017 0.1 NESCOM
62 Design and Development of General purpose processor SEECS Dr. Awais Kamboh 13-Feb-2017 0.15 NESCOM
63 Target Discrimination in Electro Optical Tracking System SMME Dr. Syed Omer Gilani 13-Feb-2017 0.2 NESCOM
64 Implementation of Image deconvolution on embedded System SMME Dr. Syed Omer Gilani 13-Feb-2017 0.25 NESCOM
65 Sophisticated Malware analysis framework MCS Dr. Waleed Bin Shahid 13-Feb-2017 0.1 NESCOM
66 ICT Hardware based cyber threats analysis and solutions MCS Dr. Waseem Iqbal 13-Feb-2017 0.1 NESCOM
67 Deep Learning based target classification in Concealed weapons detection SEECS Dr. Wajahat Hussain 13-Feb-2017 0.1 NESCOM
68 Smart Coronary Stent Endoprosthesis for Real-Time Coronary Heart Disease Management SMME Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali 10-Feb-2017 8.096 National ICT R&D Fund
69 iDOC: A portable , Cost effective Diagnostic screening device for early dengue fever detection SEECS Dr. Faisal Shafait 2-Feb-2017 1.55 PSF
70 An Automatic Real Time Vehicle Detection, Identification and Registration Plate Recognition System (VSURV) SEECS Dr. Faisal Shafait 26-Jan-2017 4.113 HEC
71 Predection of Steel Erosion under High Temperature and High Pressure  SMME Dr. Emad Uddin 23-Jan-2017 0.1 NESCOM
72 Synthesis of Visible Light Photocatalytic Titnania & Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and their role in decontamination of Chemical Warfare SCME Dr. Zakir Hussain 23-Jan-2017 0.4 NESCOM
73 Graphene Utilization for EMI Shielding and Sensing Applications SCME Dr. Ahmad Nawaz Khan 23-Jan-2017 0.25 NESCOM
74 Predection of Deformation in Welded High Strength Long Members of Chassis SMME Dr. Emad Uddin 23-Jan-2017 0.1 NESCOM
75 Secure internet telephone for android SEECS Dr. Shahzad Saleem 23-Jan-2017 0.3 NESCOM
76 Development of Advanced Metering Infrastructure & Costumer Side Systems PNEC Dr. Syed Sajjad Haider Zaidi 3-Jan-2017 2.892 USAID / USPCASE
77 Improvement of the Performance of thermochemical heat storage (TES) systems for renewable energy by using additives SNS Dr. Faheem Amin 1-Jan-2017 8.59 DAAD German Academic Exchage Services
78 Development of Self Cleaning and Low Emissivity thin films for glass SCME Dr. Muhammad Mujahid 30-Dec-2016 3 USAID / USPCASE
79 Establishment of The Facility for the Indigenous Development of Percutaneous Transluminal coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) Baloon Catheters - NUST SMME Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali 27-Dec-2016 33 MoST
80 Construction of Aligned Carbon nanocoils/Metals nanoparticles composite electrodes for Bio sensing system SNS Dr. Habib Nasir 14-Dec-2016 4.123 PSF
81 Development of GIS Based MIS System for Sindh SCEE (IESE) Dr. Sher Jamal Khan 1-Dec-2016 5.784 Plan International Pakistan
82 In-Situ Catalytic Cracking f Nano-Edible Oil to High Quality Biodiesel using Magnetic Core Shell Nanoparticles SCME Dr. Salman Raza Naqvi 28-Nov-2016 0.468 HEC
83 Toxicity of road Runoff Pollutants on Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) SCEE (IESE) Dr. Urma Mahrosh  28-Nov-2016 0.46 HEC
84 Smart Load Enabler for Micro-Grids in Pakistan SEECS Dr. Ammar Hassan 19-Oct-2016 2.63 USAID / USPCASE
85 Design and Implementation of a Wideband Circularly Polarized Antenna SMRIMMS Dr. Farooq Ahmad Tahir 1-Oct-2016 1.022 RWR (Pvt) Ltd
86 Development of 3D Simulation model for 3DOF Autonomous Underwater Vehicle CE&ME Dr. Muhammad Saifullah Khalid 21-Sep-2016 0.1 NESCOM
87 Designing of Fuel Regulating Savo Valve for Gas Turbine Engine Application SMME Dr. Hussain Imran 21-Sep-2016 0.2 NESCOM
88 Development of Wearable Health Monitoring System for Patients with Respiratory Disease SEECS Dr. Hassan Aqeel Khan 29-Aug-2016 0.305 HEC
89 Interactive Learning and Assessment Application for Grade 5 Science Curriculum  SEECS Ms Manzil-e-Maqsood 24-Aug-2016 1.008 NUST
90 Effects of Doping on Electrical and optical properties of Sol Gel Relfux Sythesized TIO2 for Dye synthesized solar cells SCME Dr. Sofia Javed 22-Aug-2016 0.495 HEC
91 Development of a Non-destuctive approach to detect marine life in fresh water of Pakistan SEECS Dr. Muhammad Imran Malik 2-Aug-2016 0.265 HEC
92 Structural evaluation of Protein and screening of novel inhibitors for Ribosomal S6 Kinase RCMS Dr. Rehan Zafar paracha 2-Aug-2016 0.3 HEC
93 CO2 Capture analysis of composite membrane to reduce Hazardous Effects of CO2 on Environment SCME Dr. Sarah Farrukh 2-Aug-2016 0.388 HEC
94 Molecular Surveillance and Risk Factor Evaluation of Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) in Pakistan ASAB Dr. Aneela Javed 28-Jul-2016 0.499 NUST
95 Conversion Kit for UPS to a Pseudo-Hybrid Converter with Scalable architecture for neighborhood level distribution capability SMME Dr. Hussain Imran  26-Jul-2016 2.952 USAID / USPCASE
96 A Natural Product Decursin Enhances the Radio-Sensitization of In-vivo cancer model SMME Dr. Adeeb Shehzad 21-Jul-2016 0.44 HEC
97 Molecular Characterization miRAs Involved in Anti-HIV Activity for its Therapeutic Implication in Vaccine Development ASAB Dr. Aneela Javed 20-Jun-2016 4.001 HEC
98 Ensuring Food Security and Saftey : Development of an Integrated Approach for safe Usage of Antibiotics Containning Wastewater for irrigation of cros plants SCEE (IESE) Dr. Muhammad Arshad 20-Jun-2016 6.034 HEC
99 Characterization of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) for use in pavement Construction in Pakistan SCEE (NIT) Dr. Arshad Hussain 20-Jun-2016 4.085 HEC
100 Large-Scale Oscillatory Brain Network Correlate early stage of Motor Learning  SMME Dr. Muhammad Nabeel Anwar 20-Jun-2016 2.631 HEC
101 Analyzing the Natural Anti-HIV Mechanisms for their Therapeutic Implications in Vaccine Development ASAB Dr. Aneela Javed 20-Jun-2016 1.978 HEC
102 Smart Solar Hybrid UPS with MPPT Efficient Battery Charging and Voltage Regulation USPCAS-E Dr. Syed Muhammad Raza Kazmi 20-Jun-2016 5.962 HEC
103 Identification And Characterization of Mcoviruses Invading Botrytis Species to Exploit Their Potential as Biocontrol agent ASAB Dr. Muhammad Faraz Bhatti 16-Jun-2016 5.9 HEC
104 Development of Vibrio phages Cocktail and It's Testing in Animal Models ASAB Dr. Saadia Andleeb 16-Jun-2016 1.492 HEC
105 Coping Mechanisms Adopted by Women to Deal with Stresses of Infertility. S3H Dr. Sehar-un-Nisa Hassan 16-Jun-2016 0.999 HEC
106 Improving the concession period establishment for PPP based infrastructural development : An Application of LCCA for highway Construction Projects in Pakistan SCEE (NIT) Dr. Muhammad Jamaluddin Thaheem 16-Jun-2016 1.769 HEC
107 Design and Development of a See-Through Wall (STW) Radar System for Personnel Sensing and Localization from standoff Distances SEECS Dr. Farooq Ahmad Tahir 15-Jun-2016 3.323 HEC
108 Power Generation from Ocean by using the Array of Energy Harvesting EEI SMME Dr. Emad Uddin 15-Jun-2016 6.244 HEC
109 School Based Mental Health Intervention Building Competence and Capacity of School Teachers S3H  Dr. Tamkeen Ashraf Malik 13-Jun-2016 1.28 HEC
110 Indigenous Development of Robotic Arm Using Rapid Prototyping Techniques for Application Such as in Field Crop Monitoring  CE&ME Dr. Waqar Shahid Qureshi 13-Jun-2016 0.5 HEC
111 Predictors of Children's Behavior Problem: Role of Maternal Mind-Mindedness S3H Dr. Sumbal Nawaz 13-Jun-2016 0.255 HEC
112 Isolation and characterization of the Genes Involoved in Salt Stress Signaling in Potato ASAB Dr. Faiza Munir 13-Jun-2016 0.455 HEC
113 Carbon Storage and Allocation Pattern in Plant Biomass under Drought Stress and Nitrogen supply SCEE (IESE) Dr. Sofia Baig 1-Jun-2016 0.447 HEC
114 Project Risk Management for Sustainable Restoration of Culture Heritage in Pakistan: The Role of BIM in Visualization and Information Gathering SCEE (NIT) Dr. Muhammad Jamaluddin Thaheem 30-May-2016 0.2585 HEC
115 Design and Fabrication of Frequency Reconfigurable MIMO Antenna System  SEECS Dr. Muhammad Umar Khan 19-May-2016 0.5 HEC
116 From the Public to the Press and Back: Examining the audience feedback loops within Pakistani news media organizations and the nature of intra-rrganizational communication in cross-media newsroom S3H Dr. Najma Sadiq 11-May-2016 1.5 HEC
117 Valuing Health Loss in Karachi City from Water contamination and Household Defensive Behavior S3H Dr. Faisal Jamil 11-May-2016 4 HEC
118 Assessment of the Rashid Memorial Welfare Trust Organization's Project : Rashid-Abad City" in the Itnerior Sindh  S3H Dr. Ayesha Nazuk 11-May-2016 3.5 HEC
119 Automated Tele-Micromanipulator Cell Injection System SEECS Dr. Osman Hassan 9-May-2016 38.524 National ICT R&D Fund
120 Liquid Fuel Production from Coal / Biomass Derived Syngas USPCAS-E Dr. Naseem Iqbal 20-Apr-2016 3 USAID / USPCASE
121 Simulation Modelling, Analysis and Forecasting of Electricity Generation and Consumption in Pakistan Using System Dynamics Approach SEECS Dr. Imran Mehmood 20-Apr-2016 2.98 USAID / USPCASE
122 Solar Power Integration of 2-KW into main grid by Using Dual Mode Power Converter SEECS Dr. Hammad Iqbal Sherazi 20-Apr-2016 2.369 USAID / USPCASE
123 Valorization of Bio-mass Residuals for Methan Production Through Anaerobse Digestion Technology: Green Energy Recovery from Waste USPCAS-E Dr. Rabia Liaqut 20-Apr-2016 4 USAID / USPCASE
124 Structural Controls of Urokinase-Like Receptor & Rhomboids: and variations introduced by Boronic Acid Binding RCMS Dr. Mehak Rafiq 12-Apr-2016 0.24 HEC
125 Designing and Devleopment of Matching Circuits for Under Water Transducers SEECS Dr. Muhammad Umar Khan 7-Apr-2016 0.14 NESCOM
126 Developing a Tool for the formal verification of RTL combinational logic verilog Models SEECS Dr. Osman Hassan 7-Apr-2016 0.1 NESCOM
127 Tranlation Verilog models to a lanugage of a model checker / Translation of embedded codes (c/c++/c#) to a language (promela) SEECS Dr. Osman Hassan 7-Apr-2016 0.15 NESCOM
128 Functional verification of verilog models using assertion based verification and randomised testing SEECS Dr. Osman Hassan 7-Apr-2016 0.15 NESCOM
129 Design, fabrication and control of VTOL Tilt-rotor aerial vehicle SEECS Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad 7-Apr-2016 0.1 NESCOM
130 Modeling, fabrication and cotrol of twin rotor system SEECS Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad 7-Apr-2016 0.1 NESCOM
131 Implementation of signal processing algorithms of FPGA SEECS Dr. Faisal Shafait 7-Apr-2016 0.1 NESCOM
132 Implementation of Real Time video processing on Xilinx Zynq FPGA Platform SEECS Dr. Faisal Shafait 7-Apr-2016 0.1 NESCOM
133 Real-time  implementation of 360 degree cylinderical panorama on DSP kit using EVM642 using a camera SEECS Dr. Khawar Khurshid 7-Apr-2016 0.25 NESCOM
134 Implementation of Torso Identification / detection in cluttered scene in embedded system SMME Dr. Syed Omer Gilani 7-Apr-2016 0.2 NESCOM
135 Implementation of Human detection in Cluttered scene in embedded system SMME Dr. Syed Omer Gilani 7-Apr-2016 0.2 NESCOM
136 Micro Scanning Stage Design. SMME Dr. Mohsin Jamil 7-Apr-2016 0.3 NESCOM
137 Design and implementation of a 2D Traversing Mechanism for Wind Tunnel Test Section SMME Dr. Emad Uddin 7-Apr-2016 0.2 NESCOM
138 Effects Materials on performance of Propeller SMME Dr. Emad Uddin 7-Apr-2016 0.15 NESCOM
139 Design and Simulation of Underwater Acoustic Signal Transmitter for Modelled Complex Channels using MATLAB GUI PNEC Dr. Syed Sajjad Haider Zaidi 7-Apr-2016 0.1 NESCOM
140 Feature Based Passive Diver Detection & Classification  PNEC Dr. Aleem Mushtaq 7-Apr-2016 0.1 NESCOM
141 H/W Trojan Technique MCS Mian M. Waseem Iqbal 7-Apr-2016 0.1 NESCOM
142 H/W Based Firewall Development MCS Mian M. Waseem Iqbal 7-Apr-2016 0.1 NESCOM
143 Corrosion Health System for Marine Structures SCME Dr. Adeel Umar 7-Apr-2016 0.1 NESCOM
144 Liposomal nano-Constructs as a Macular Degeneration  ASAB Dr. Shah Rukh Abbas 9-Mar-2016 0.415 HEC
145 Unraveling Effect of Physiological Factors in Transcription of Genes Involved in Flavonoid Biosynthetic Pathway in Arachis Hypogaea ASAB Dr. Rabia Amir 4-Mar-2016 0.445 HEC
146 Biography and Phyloheny of Western Himaliyan Cyperaceae ASAB Dr. Muhammad Qasim Hayat 24-Feb-2016 2.592 HEC
147 Investigating the impact of game based learning using tablets in learning mathematics for primary schools SEECS Dr. Muhammad Muddassir Malik 17-Feb-2016 4.1 FIT-ED, Philipines
148 Industrial Grade Multi-Prupose Test Bed for Electric machine Characterization and Control Development USPCAS-E Dr. Syed Muhammad Raza Kazmi 16-Feb-2016 5.665 HEC
149 Persistent Winter Fog Monitoring Over Indo-Pak Gangetic Plains: Pakistan Chapter SCEE (IESE) Dr. Muhammad Fahim Khokhar 4-Feb-2016 2.218 ICIMOD, Nepal
150 Electromagnetic Conformance Simulation and verification esteth (Digital Stethoscope) SEECS Dr. Hammad Cheema 2-Feb-2016 0.15 Tech4life Enerprises
151 Strategic Strengthening of Flood Warning and Management Capacity of Pakistan SCEE (NICE) Dr. Hamza Farooq Gabriel 2-Feb-2016 10 UNESCO
152 Myo Prosthetic Upper Limb CE&ME Dr. Umar Shahbaz Khan 28-Jan-2016 14.139 National ICT R&D Fund
153 Development and Commercialization of Intelligent Functional Stent for the Treatment of Lung Cancer SMME Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali 12-Jan-2016 1.998 PSF
154 Silencing of the Antibiotic Resistant Gene MecA IN Staphylococcus Aureus by a Synthetic Srna ASAB Dr. Fazal Adnan 12-Jan-2016 0.488 HEC
155 Design of Efficient Algorithm in Massive MIMOs  for next Generation Cellular Networks   SEECS Dr. Syed Ali Hassan 5-Jan-2016 0.924 HEC
156 Investigation of Energy harvesting EEL of power generation SMME Dr. Emad Uddin 4-Jan-2016 0.488 HEC
157 Fish Bio Diversity Estimation by Low Cost Non-Destructive Video Based Sampling - (FIBEVID) in collaboration with NUST-SEECS and Reein Main University of Applied Sciences (HSRM) SEECS Dr. Faisal Shafait 1-Jan-2016 9.02 DAAD German Academic Exchage Services
158 Sustainability Check Study for UNICEF Water, Sanitation and Hygine Work in Punjab and Sindh SCEE (IESE) Dr. Sher Jamal Khan 10-Dec-2015 2.1 UNICEF
159 Development and Manufacturing of Electric Commuter Solar Charged SMME Dr. Abdul Ghafoor 30-Nov-2015 1.2 NUST
160 Assessment of probiotic lactic acid bacteria of dairy origin and their metabolites for industrial applications ASAB Dr. Abdur Rahman 13-Nov-2015 0.488 HEC
161 Multidrug-resistent Pathogen Survelliance in Pakistnai and U.S Hospitals ASAB Dr. Saadia Andleeb 22-Oct-2015 10.445 PAK-US
162 Elucidation of the Effects of Amphetamine and Natural Psychstimulant Compounds in Alzheimer's Disease
ASAB Dr. Saadia Zahid 8-Oct-2015 2.897 HEC
163 Structural health monitoring of Bridge structures using wireless sensor networks PNEC Dr. Tariq Mairaj Rasool Khan 15-Sep-2015 2.02 HEC
164 Synthesis and Biological Screening of B-Peptides Analog of Neurotensis NT SNS Dr. Muhammad Arfan 7-Sep-2015 2.773 HEC
165 Formal Analysis of the Impact Feeding on Hepatocyte Cicadian Oscillators RCMS Dr. Jamil Ahmad 25-Aug-2015 0.929 HEC
166 Setellite Remote Sensing of Total PM and Selected PM Components in Islamabad, Pakistan SCEE (IESE) Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Ali khan 21-Aug-2015 0.52 The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS)
167 INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTHENING : Design and Development of a Bioresorbable Drug Eluted Stents for the Treatment of Coronay Heart Diseases SMME Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali 20-Aug-2015 1.906 HEC
168 Intrinsic Benign Antifouling Functional Polymers and Transparent Compositions for Culture / Commercial Scale Photobioreators SCME Dr. Nasir Mehmood Ahmad 17-Aug-2015 6.241 HEC
169 Pangenome Analysis of Multidrug Resistant staphylococcus Aures Strains to Get Insights into the Mechannism Of Pathenicity and to identify new Therapeutic Interventions to Replace the Current Antimicrobial Drugs ASAB Dr. Amjad Ali  10-Aug-2015 1.972 HEC
170 A Powered Ankle Foot Prosthesis CE&ME Dr. Fahad Mumtaz Malik 10-Aug-2015 0.09 National ICT R&D Fund
171 Expression Analysis of Potential Flavonoid Biosynthetic Pathway Genes in Cultivated Peanut (Arachis Hypogaea) Varrieties of Pakistan ASAB Dr. Rabia Amir 7-Aug-2015 0.526 HEC
172 Development of Health Monitoring Systems for Distribution Transformer Using non-Intrusive and Instrusive methods PNEC Dr. Syed Sajjad Haider Zaidi 7-Aug-2015 4.453 HEC
173 Analysis of Gene Variants and Investigation of Novel Prognostic Host Factor Targets to Predict Treatement  Response to Peg IFN/RBV Therapy in HCV Infected Pakistani Patients and Qualitative and Quantitative Modeling of Pathways Associated with HCV Infection and Host Immune Response  ASAB Dr. Amjad Ali  4-Aug-2015 2.486 HEC
174 Plasmons Effects in Nano-Structures of Inorganic Polycrystalline Materials (ZnS, CdTe, Cds) by Embedding Different Metallic Nano Particles (Ag, Au, Cu) for Improving Photovoltaic Efficiency in Photovoltaic Industry SCME Dr. Iftikhar Hussain Gull 27-Jul-2015 1.998 PSF
175 Molecular Screening for Genetic Susceptibility of Type 2 Diabetic in pakistani Population ASAB Dr. Attya Bhatti 9-Jul-2015 2.118 HEC
176 Marie-Curie Intial Training Network LAPASO (Label Free Particle Sorting Project) SMME Dr. Ahmad Ahsan Nawaz 9-Jul-2015 17.71 European Union
177 Risk and Protective Factors for Self-Harm in Childeren and Adolescents - Finding Basis and Prevent Self-harm in Children and Adolescents S3H Dr. Salma Siddiqui 1-Jul-2015 2.08 HEC
178 Modeling of Biomechanical Movement for Active Prosthetic Manufacturing and Assembly SMME Dr. Mushtaq Khan 15-Jun-2015 0.2 NESCOM
179 Modeling and Simulation of Active Prosthetic Hand SMME Dr. Nabeel Anwar 15-Jun-2015 0.2 NESCOM
180 Automatic Formal Verification Tool SEECS Dr. Osman Hassan 15-Jun-2015 0.5 NESCOM
181 Development of Software Tool for Automated Code Analysis SEECS Dr. Osman Hassan 15-Jun-2015 0.2 NESCOM
182 Development of Frequency Selective Conformal Radomes for out-of-band RCS Reduction of Array Antennas SEECS Dr. Muhammad Umar Khan / Dr. Munir Tarar (Ex PI) 15-Jun-2015 0.3 NESCOM
183 Design of Acoustic target finding system for moving platform SEECS Dr. Shahzad Younis 15-Jun-2015 0.1 NESCOM
184 To design a 10 Channel programmable VHF Transmitter of 750 Mw Power Output in the Frequency Band of 152 MHz to 156 SEECS Dr. Munir Ahmad Tarar 15-Jun-2015 0.1 NESCOM
185 Piezoelectric Materials synthesis and Development SMME Dr. Mushtaq Khan 15-Jun-2015 0.2 NESCOM
186 Development of an Integrated Strategy of Phytoremediation of Lead Contaminated Soils SCEE (IESE) Dr. Muhammad Arshad 26-May-2015 0.475 HEC
187 Pakistani Youth and Family Values in the Age of Cyber Space Technologies S3H Dr. Zujaja Wahaj 19-May-2015 3.985 HEC
188 Indigenous Development of Nove, Slow release Urea Fertilizer SCME Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan Niazi 16-Apr-2015 4.698 HEC
189 Design and Fabrication of Solar Flash Desalination System under Hydrostatically sustained vacum PNEC Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman Qureshi 13-Apr-2015 0.565 PSF
190 Soil Applied TiO2 Nano Particles afect the phyto availability of phosphorus and yield of rice and wheat SCEE (IESE) Dr. Muhammad Arshad 25-Mar-2015 2.91 HEC
191 Development of Computational Model of Visual Saliency for Videos SMME Dr. Syed Omer Gilani 23-Jan-2015 0.276 HEC
192 The Connection of Two Higgs Doublet Model with the Dark Energy SNS Dr. Asghar Qadir 29-Dec-2014 1.142 HEC
193 WASH Based Research and Development in Academia SCEE (IESE) Dr. Sher Jamal Khan 23-Jul-2014 10.8674 WaterAid UK
194 Kinship Boundaries and Transnational Marriages: Pakistani Concerns and Issues S3H Dr. Lubaba Sadaf 26-Jun-2014 0.441 HEC
195 Marriage in the Shadow of AIDS: An analytical Insight into the Pakistani Punjabi Families S3H Dr. Zujaja Wahaj 26-Jun-2014 0.444 HEC
196 Resolvability in Graphs and its Applications SNS Dr. Muhammad Imran/
Dr Rashid Farooq (Ex Co-PI)
13-Jun-2014 2.953 HEC
197 Prototype Development of two GSRs (NR-V3) CE&ME Dr. Mojeeb Bin Ihsan  5-Jun-2014 62.68 DGMP
198 Classification of Ordinary Differential Equations by Linearization and Its generalizations SNS Dr. Asghar Qadir 15-May-2014 1.0006 HEC
199 Preparation Characterization and Product Development of Poly (L-Lactic Acid) / HA Nano Composites SCME Dr. Ahmad Nawaz Khan 14-May-2014 11.821 HEC
200 Enhanced Hydrogen Production from Algae using Artificial Electron Donors and Inhibiting Agents for Ferredoxin NADP Reductase USPCAS-E Dr. Ehsan Ali / Dr. Muhammad zubair 13-May-2014 6.264 HEC
201 Development of LCs Based Biosensor for the Detection of Environmental Pollutants and Pathogenes SCME Dr. Zakir Hussain 9-May-2014 7.182 HEC
202 Development of Environmentally Tolerant Materials and Coatings for Gas Turbines for Electric Power Generation and Vehicular Propulsion USPCAS-E Dr. Zuhair Subhani 7-May-2014 15.008 HEC
203 Peristaltic Flows of Nanofluids with Different Flow Geometries CE&ME Dr. Noreen Sher Akbar 17-Apr-2014 1.432 HEC
204 Formal Verification of Distributed Thermal and Resource Management Shcemes for On-Chip Many Core Systemts SEECS Dr. Osman Hassan 10-Apr-2014 8.833 DAAD German Academic Exchage Services
205 Development of Mobile Automotive Technology Test-bed SMME Dr. Sami-Ur-Rahman Shah 21-Mar-2014 2.75 NUST
206 Development of Cotton infecting Beogomoviral induced cell death via a modified beta satellite containing the cyt-c gene and monoclonal antibodies for CLCVs (ID1198-13)  ASAB Dr. Muhammad Tahir 4-Jan-2014 23.089 USDA / ICARDA
207 A Functional Stent-Graft for the Treatment of Oesophageal Cancer SMME Dr. Murtaza Najabat Ali 13-Dec-2013 1.00 NUST
208 Design and Development of a Low Cost GSM Transceiver SEECS Dr. Munir Ahmad Tarar 21-Nov-2013 1.679 National ICT R&D Fund
209 Secure and Authorized Dynamic Group Resource Management SEECS Dr. Muhammad Awais Shibli 22-Oct-2013 4.982 HEC
210 Synthesis of Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles and their Bio-functionalization SNS Dr. Faheem Amin / Dr. Iftikhar Hussain Gul 14-Oct-2013 0.5 HEC
211 Promoting Sustainable Energy Production and Use from Biomass in Pakistan   USPCAS-E Dr. Muhammad Zubair  / Dr. Ehsan Ali (Ex-PI) 2-Sep-2013 43.335 United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
212 Chlorine Decay Modeling in a Prototype distribution Network SCEE (IESE) Dr. Imran Hashmi 10-May-2013 1.052 PSF
213 Development of Flaw Diagnosis / Dimensioning /Prognostics Algorithms for the Improvement of In-country Aerospace Non-destructive Testing (NTD) Capabilities PNEC Dr. Tariq Mairaj Rasool Khan 1-Apr-2013 8.745 National ICT R&D Fund
214 Improvement of Mix Design Technology for Pakistan SCEE (NIT) Dr. Muhammad Irfan 27-Feb-2013 5.460 National Highway Authority
215 Extensible Access Control Framework for Cloud Based Applications SEECS Dr. Muhammad Awais Shibli 28-Dec-2012 13.068 National ICT R&D Fund
216 Formalization of Information Theories and Application in Safety Critical Engineering System SEECS Dr. Osman Hassan 1-Nov-2012 88.512 Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF)
217 CO2 Capture from Natural and Flue Gases by Using Polymeric Membranes SCME Dr. Arshad Hussain 16-Jul-2012 47.226 Pak-Norway through HEC
218 Establishment of Neuro-informatics Laboratory SEECS Dr. Kashif Rajpoot 13-Jun-2012 16.320 MoST
219 Establishment of Pilot Scale Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) SCEE (IESE) Dr. Sher Jamal Khan  5-Jun-2012 37.100 NUST
220 Design and Fabrication of a Solar Powered Un-manned Air Vehicle (SPUAV) CE&ME Dr. Muhammad Saifullah Khalid 30-May-2012 0.562 DGMP
221 Indigenous Development of Multi-biometric Authentication System CE&ME Dr. Muhammad Yunus Javed (Posted Out) / Dr. Muhammad Usman Akram 21-May-2012 1.825 PSF
222 CoralSense: An Underwater Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Coral Reef Environment SEECS Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar 1-Jan-2012 48.000 Umm Al-Qura University Saudi Arabia
223 Wireless Neonatal Care SEECS Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar 27-Dec-2011 2.733 HEC
224 CO2 Reduced Mortars and Concretes using Local Secondary Raw Materials SCEE (NICE) Dr. Syed Ali Rizwan 18-Nov-2011 12.000 Technical University Freiberg Germany
225 Development & Appraisal of Self-Healing Polymer Anti Corrosion Coatings SCME Dr. Nasir Mehmood Ahmad 31-Aug-2011 1.383 British Petroleum
226 Establishing a Lab for Multi-agent Intelligent Electro-mechanical System (MIEMS) and participation in Robocup Small Size league CE&ME Dr. Shoab Ahmed Khan 19-Jul-2011 2.972 HEC
227 Development and Validation of transgenic Virus Resistance in Nicotiana Benthamiana By Expression of Artificial Micro RNA (amiRNA) Carrying Begomovirus (Tamato Leaf Curl New Delhi Virus) Derived Sequences ASAB Dr. Muhammad Tahir 30-Jun-2011 6.227 HEC
228 Tribological Performance of Cam/Tappet Interaction in a Direct Acting Over Head Valve Train Engine SMME Dr. Riaz Ahmed Mufti 25-May-2011 2.145 PSF
229 Cloning and Expression of Hepatitis C Virus NS3-4A Protease and Helicase from Pakistani Strain 3a Genotype ASAB  Dr. Muhammad Yameen / Dr. Ataya Bhatti 19-May-2011 0.500 HEC
230 Network for All a Programmable Testbed for Networking Research SEECS Dr. Saad Bin Qaisar 2-May-2011 3.243 HEC
231 The DNA Induced Protection against Chicken Coccidiosis in Pakistan ASAB Dr. Aneela Javed 10-Mar-2011 0.500 HEC
232 Development of New Multi-target Inhibitors against Hepatiis C Infection Based on Barbituric Acid Derivatives ASAB Dr. Muhammad Ali / Dr. Sobia Manzoor  1-Jan-2011 0.500 HEC
233 Fabrication, Characterization and Testing of Copper-Inium-Galium-Arsenide (CIGS) based Thin Film Solar Cells for Power Generation SCME Dr. Muhammad Islam / Dr. Muhammad Mujahid 21-Sep-2010 5.796 HEC
234 Identification and Characterization of Genes Involved in Rheumatoid Arthritis in Pakistani Population ASAB Dr. Peter John 8-Sep-2010 3.888 HEC
235 Formal System Analysis and Verification SEECS Dr. Osman Hassan 8-Sep-2010 3.844 HEC
236 Synthesis of Nano Hydroxyapatite and its Product Development for Biomedical Applications SCME Dr. Muhammad Mujahid 4-Aug-2010 5.690 HEC
237 Immunization with Peptides against Hepatitis C Virus ASAB Dr. Najam-us-Sahar Sadaf Zaidi 4-Jun-2010 8.405 HEC