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Welcome to Quality Assurance
Lately, the realization of the need for quality assurance in higher education has become a global phenomenon. Pakistan also felt the need to assess and improve the quality of higher education in the country, with the objective of achieving international competitiveness and compatibility of its academic programs and research quality. For this purpose, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan established the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) to spearhead the movement for enhancing the quality of higher education in the country. QAA is advised by the Quality Assurance Committee with regard to its working and framing policies and programs for the enhancement of educational quality. The Quality Assurance Agency is facilitating the establishment of quality enhancement cells (QECs) at all public and private sector universities and higher education institutions (HEIs) in a phased manner. QECs are required to function at the universities for the implementation of quality enhancement policies and programs, as devised by the Quality Assurance Committee. So far, 69 QECs have been established in the public sector and 15 in the private sector universities/ HEIs of Pakistan. NUST is one of the first ten universities to establish a QEC at its Quality Assurance Directorate.