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International Events

​ For Projecting NUST good practices and sharing framework of  Quality Assurance at Internatio​nal level and Director Quality Assurance has presented  following Papers / Presentations:​





​Conference ​International Conference on “Promoting Higher Education Quality through Policies, Standards and Practices”​ ​04-05 Dec, 19 ​Serena Hotel Islamabad, Pakistan
​​Conference ​2nd International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Annual General Meeting organized by PNQAHE​ ​24-25 Apr, 19 ​University of Education Lahore
Conference Presentation on "Integrating Research with student learning" in 6th QS-MAPLE Conference ​09-13 May, 16 Al Ain at United Arab Emirate (UAE)​​
​​​Conference ​“A Model Internal QA System”, Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) Conference and Annual General Meeting  (AGM) - 2015 ​ ​17-19 Apr, 15 ​ Kumming, China
Conference ​“Excellence in Internal QA-The case study of NUST Pakistan”,​Pakistan’s 13th International Convention on Quality Improvement (ICQI) – 2014) ​17-18 Nov, 14 ​Lahore​



​“External Quality Assurance in Pakistani Universities”, Presented in Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM)-2014.

 7-8 Mar, 14​

 Hanoi,  Vietnam

​Conference ​“Essential Requirements to Build a World Class University", in 7th QS-APPLE (Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education) Conference   16-18 Nov, 11​ ​Manila, Philippines
​Conference "Self-Assessment of Programmes for Quality Assurance: A Pakistani Perspective", in 1st QS MAPLE Conference  01-02 May, 11​ Dubai Knowlede Village (DKV), Dubai
Confe​rence “Integrating PEC,​ HEC criteria for improving quality in Higher Educations” in 3rd International Conference on “Assessing Quality in Higher Education"  06-08 Dec, 10​ ​Lahore
Confe​rence “NUST Ini​tiatives for Clean Water in Pakistan”  in ACU Conference of Executive Heads 2010 25-27 Apr, 10 C​ape Town,
South Africa 
 Conference ​“Does External QA enhance Internal QA? Institutional Perspective!” APQN 2010 Conference and AGM (​Plenary)
04 Mar, 10 ​Bangkok, Thailand
Conference​ "​Quality Assurance and Self-Assessment – A Pakistani Perspective” APQN 2010 Conference and AGM 04 Mar, 10
Bangkok, Thailand
“Ranking of Universities” Proceeding of 2nd International Conference on ‘Assessing Quality in Higher Education’
(2-ICAQHE), Lahore  
01-03 Dec, 08 Lahore​

​ ​​ ​