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QEC Meeting
Participation in QECs​ Meetings Organized by HEC, Islamabad

In order to enable the QECs to share the knowledge and good practices of quality assurance and review their progress, HEC organizes their meetings. NUST Quality Directorate Officers attended following meetings in this regard:-
Title ​ Date ​Venue ​Attended by
25th QEC Meeting​​ ​11-12 April, 19 ​Grand Ambassador Hotel, Islamabad ​​DQA, NUST​
24th QEC Meeting ​21-22 Mar, 18 ​Margala Hotel, Islamabad ​DQA & DDQA (SA), NUST
23rd QEC Meeting 
​22-23 May, 17 ​Hotel Grand Regency, Islamabad ​DQA, NUST
22nd QEC Meeting ​21-22 Dec, 16 ​Hotel Grand Regency, Islamabad​ ​DQA & DDQA (AA), NUST
21st QEC Meeting ​28-29 Apr, 16 ​Hotel Grand Regency, Islamabad​ ​DQA, NUST
20th QEC Meeting ​18-19 Feb, 15 ​Hotel Grand Regency, Islamabad​ ​​DQA & DDQA (SA), NUST
19th QEC Meeting 
​​13-14 Feb, 14 ​HEC, Regional Centre, Lahore  ​DQA, NUST
18th QEC Meeting  ​​15-16 Apr, 13 ​​HEC, Regional Centre, Lahore  ​DQA, NUST
17th QEC Meeting  ​​18-19 Jun, 12 ​​HEC, Regional Centre, Lahore  ​DQA, NUST
16th QEC Meeting  ​15-16 Nov, 11 ​​HEC, Regional Centre, Peshawar ​DQA, NUST
​​​15th QEC Meeting 25-26 Apr, 11​​ ​​​HEC, Regional Centre, Peshawar ​DQA, NUST
14th QEC Meeting 12-13 Mar, 10​ ​​​HEC, Regional Centre, Peshawar ​DQA, NUST
13th QEC Meeting
18-19 Aug, 09​ ​​​DOW University of Health Sciences, Karachi  ​DQA, NUST
12th QEC Meeting
29-30 Apr, 09​ ​Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan   ​DQA, NUST
11th QEC Meeting
11-12 Jun, 08​ ​University of Sindh, Jamshoro   ​DQA, NUST
10th QEC Meeting 12-13 Mar, 08​ ​Punjab University, Lahore ​ ​DQA, NUST
9th QEC Meeting 31Oct-01 Nov, 07​ ​Punjab University, Lahore  ​DQA, NUST
8th QEC Meeting  26-27 Jun, 07​ ​HEC, Islamabad​ ​DQA, NUST
7th Qec Meeting   17 Mar, 07​ ​​University of Karachi  ​DQA, NUST
6th QEC Meeting   22 - 23 Jan, 07​ ​HEC, Islamabad​ ​DQA, NUST
5th QEC Meeting​  28 Aug, 06​ HEC, Regional Centre, Lahore
4th QEC Meeting 13 Jun, 06​ ​HEC, Islamabad​ ​DQA, NUST
3rd QEC Meeting 
​18 Mar, 06​ ​HEC, Islamabad​ ​DQA, NUST
2nd QEC Meeting ​02 Feb, 06 ​HEC, Islamabad​ ​DQA, NUST
1st QEC Meeting  28 Dec, 05​​ ​HEC, Islamabad​ ​DQA, NUST