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Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars arranged / attended at National Level  

For the purpose of self-development and learning good national practices, team of Quality Assurance Directorate attend and participate in National level Conferences, Workshops and Seminars. Some recent participations include:





​ACM​ ​54th Academic Council Meeting (ACM) 12 Feb, 20​​ ​Main Office NUST (Conference Room-1), Islamabad​​
Meeting ​Meeting​ on Students’ Feedback System
18 Nov, 19​ ​Main Office NUST (Conference Room-1), Islamabad​
Audit​ ​Technical Evaluation of Army Public College of Management Sciences (APCOMS), Khadim Hussain Road, Rawalpindi 05 Sep, 19​ ​Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
Meeting​ ​IHD on Technical Evaluation of APCOMS to finalize the modalities of Evaluation 03 Sep, 19​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​
ACM​ ​53rd Academic Council Meeting (ACM) 29 Aug, 19​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
​Audit ​Review of Graduate Programs at Abasyn University, Peshawar as per HEC Guidelines 30-31 Jul, 19​ Abasyn University Peshawar​
​Audit ​Review of Graduate Programs at NUCES-FAST, Islamabad Campus as per HEC Guidelines 28 June, 19​ NUCES-FAST Islamabad Campus​
​​​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on Quality Assurance in Higher Education with external Resource Person ​30 Apr, 19 NUST, SEECS Seminar Hall​​
​​Seminar​ ​Seminar on Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)Asian University Ranking by QS Representative​ 01 Apr, 19​ Main Office NUST, Jinnah Auditorium, Islamabad​​
​​Seminar ​​​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for College of E&ME: Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA) &               Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA) ​​20 Mar, 19​ College of E&ME Seminar Hall​​​
​Seminar ​​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for MCE: Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA) &               Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA) ​14 Mar, 19​ MCE Seminar Hall​​
​​​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for CAE: Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA) &                           Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA) 14 Mar, 19​ CAE Seminar Hall​
​​Workshop​​ ​One Day Training Workshop on ​"Research Assessment for Ranking Purposes"  ​13 Mar, 19​ ​HEC, Islamabad​​​​​​​
​​​Seminar ​One day training for QEC Focal Persons at University of Gujrat 08 Mar, 19​ University of Gujrat, Hafiz Hayat Campus​​
​​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for MCS: Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA) &                        Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA) 06 Mar, 19​ MCS (Iftikhar Block - Seminar Hall)​​
​Seminar​​ ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for SMME & SNS: Resource Person: Engr. Zaheer Ahmed Babar (DDQA-SA) & Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA) 20 Feb, 19​​ SMME Seminar Hall​
​​Meeting ​Dashboard Requirements on CMS for Feedback Forms 13 Feb, 19​ Main Office NUST (Conference Room-1), Islamabad​​
​​​​Audit​ ​Institutional Performance Evaluation Review Visit by HEC Team 06-08 Feb, 19​ Main Office NUST (Board Room), Islamabad​
​​​​​Audit​ ​Review of Graduate Programs at University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Peshawar as per HEC Guidelines 28-29 Jan, 19​ UET, Peshawar​​
​Seminar ​Seminar on Quality Assurance Issues in NUST Institutions 09 Jan, 19​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​​
Training​ ​Training Session on OBE Software  ​​01 Oct, 18​​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
​​​Audit​ ​​Institutional Performance Evaluation Review Visit of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi  ​​17-19 Sep, 18​ Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi ​
​Meeting ​Feedback Forms Management ​​16 Aug, 18 Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
Seminar​ ​Formation of Programmes Team for SAR (mention full form) and Plagiarism ​26 June, 18​ Jinnah Auditorium- Board Room, NUST- Islamabad​​​
​​​Audit​ ​PhD/ MS Programme Review  26 June, 18​ Jinnah Auditorium- Board Room, NUST- Islamabad​
​​Audit​ ​Institutional Performance Evaluation (Self) Review Visit 15 May, 18​ Conf. Room : NUST-RCMS, Islamabad​​
​​​Meeting​​​ ​IHD on Feedback Forms Access Management 09 May, 18​​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
​​​​​​Seminar​ ​Presentation on Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) Revised Criteria by HEC
19 Apr, 2018​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​​​
​Audit​ ​Review of Graduate Programmes at IST as per HEC Guidelines  27 Mar, 2018​​​ IST, Islamabad​​​​​​​​
​​Meeting​​​​ ​Institutional Performance Evaluation Review Visit by HEC : 2018 ​08 Mar, 2018​​​ ​Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​
Audit​ ​External Audit Visit of Air University, Islamabad  ​16 Feb, 2018​​​ Air University, Islamabad
​​Conference ​1st ​International Conference on Quality Assurance at Higher Education ​19 Dec, 2017​​ Khyber Medical University, Peshawar​
​​Meeting​​​ ​Briefing on methodology of National and International Ranking of Universities 07 Dec, 2017​ Rector Conference Room, NUST​
​​Meeting​ ​​​2nd In-house Conference on Review of Feedback Forms 03 Nov, 2017​​ ​Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​​
​​​​​Seminar​ ​Awareness Seminar on Quality Assurance in Higher Education 15 Sep, 2017​ NUST SEECS Seminar Hall​​
​​Meeting ​Status of Feedback Forms (Fall 2016 to Spring 2017) and Re-Accreditation of UG Programme ​30 Aug, 17​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​
​ACM​​ ​​49th Academic Council Meeting (ACM) ​23 Aug, 17​​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
​Meeting​ ​Review on QA Feedback Forms​ 07 Aug, 17​​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​
​Meeting​ ​Status of SARs and QA Feedback Forms  28 July, 17​​ ​Main Office NUST, Islamabad
​Training ​Pre-visit Preparation of IPE, MS/M.Phil & Ph.D. Programme Review 23 May, 17​ ​HEC,​ Islamabad​​​​​​​
​​ Meeting​ ​​Meeting​ of Expert Committee to Evaluate / Review the nominations for HEC Best Teacher Award 2015   ​​ 04 May, 17 HEC,​ Islamabad​​​​​​
​ACM​ ​48th Academic Council Meeting (ACM) ​ 06 Mar, 17 Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​  ​​
​Visit​ World Bank Education Team Visit to NUST for Audit of QA Dte ​28 Feb, 17 Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​ 
​ Meeting​ ​Presentation on OBE Software Development by Principal SCEE ​ ​06 Jan, 16  Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​  ​
​  Meeting​ ​Progress Review Meeting  ​ 21 - 22 Dec, 16 HEC,​ Islamabad​​​​
​Workshop ​Ranking Software Training ​09 Dec, 16 HEC, Islamabad​​
Visit​ ​Organized Visit of Washington Accord Team for  Review of Civil Engineering Programme of NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)​ 20 Nov, 16​ ​Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
Meeting​ ​Meeting on Proposed Criteria for HEC University Ranking 06 Oct, 16​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​
Annual Council Meeting​ ​Presentation on Quality Assurance Policy in 47th Annual Council Meeting (ACM) 22 Sep, 16​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​
​Mentoring on OBE​ ​16 Members Team of Mock Accreditation Visit to SMME for Mechanical Engineering Programme 26 Aug, 16​​ Main Office NUST & SMME, Islamabad​​
​Workshop ​Workshop on OBE/OBA organized by PEC regarding preparedness for final verification by Washington Accord Review Panel for capacity building of faculty and programme administration of HEIs ​26 Aug, 16 PEC HQ, Islamabad​​
​​​​Seminar​​ ​Discussion on Software of OBE System at IST sharing of best practices (DQA along with ICT Team) ​17 Aug, 16​​​​​ IST Islamabad​
​​​​Seminar​ ​Challenges in Implementing Quality Assurance in Higher Education in University 17 June, 16​​​​
Riphah International University, Islamabad​
​Meeting  ​In House Meeting on Status of feedback Forms ​06 June, 16​​​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​​
Meeting  ​To review the pending NOC for Launching of New MS and PhD Programmes 06 May, 16​​​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​​​
​Conference ​Conference on “Status of feedback Forms” 13 Apr, 16​​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​
​Workshop ​Consultative Regional Workshop on Reforms Pertaining to Engineering Education Regulations and Accreditation Process  08 Jan, 16​ PEC HQ, Islamabad​
​Workshop​​ ​Consultative Regional Workshop on Reforms Pertaining to Engineering Education Regulations and Accreditation Process ​​​​23 Dec, 15​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​​
​​Seminar​ Awareness seminar on Intellectual Property Rights; Patent Drafting, Valuation and Licensing  ​​​​23 Nov, 15 HEC, Islamabad​​​​​​​
​​​​Ceremony​ ​Send-off Ceremony of HEC Scholars proceeding to Germany for Doctoral Studies  ​​​​​18 Nov, 15 HEC, Islamabad​​​​​​​​
​​Conference Standardization / Modification of Employers and Alumni Survey Forms for Engineering Programmes ​​16 Oct, 15 ​Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​
​Conference Standardization / Modification of QA Feedback Forms for Engineering Programmes ​08 Oct, 15 ​Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​​
Conference​ QA Feedback System 01 Oct, 15 Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​​
​Conference​ ​Status of QA Feedback Forms ​22 Sep, 15 ​Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
​Programme Mission, Vision, Objective and Outcome”,  Arranged by Khyber Medical University, Peshawar​Facilitator: Moin Ali Khan​ 11 Sep, 15 Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
​Meeting ​Meeting of Expert Committee to evaluate / review the nomination for Best University Teacher Award (BUTA) ​08 Sep, 15​ ​HEC, Islamabad​​
Meeting / ​Symposium​​ ​ Third Party Validation (TPV) of IPE Process 12 Mar, 15​ HEC, Islamabad​​
​Accreditation Mock Visit​ ​ Observer during visit of Prof. Er. Dr Kai Sang Lock  (Washington Accord Mentor) ​04 Mar, 15​ SMME & NICE,
NUST, Islamabad​
​ Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Assessment System
 Facilitator: Dr Kai Sang Lock (Singapore)
02-03 Mar, 15
PEC HQ, Islamabad​​
​Symposium ​ Curriculum Development in Higher Education 03-04 Feb, 15 AIOU, Islamabad​
​Seminar​ ​ Outcome Based Education (OBE)
 Facilitator: Dr Wasim Khaliq ​(NICE)
​27 Nov, 14​​​​​ NBS-NUST, Islamabad​​
Visit​ ​ Mock Accreditation of Aerospace and Avionics Engineering  Programmes ​07 Nov, 14​​​​​ CAE, Risalpur ​
​Workshop​​ ​ OBA System of Accreditation for PEC Programme Evaluators
 Facilitator: Dr Megat Johari
​05-06 Nov, 14​​​​​ Grand Regency  Hotel, Islamabad​
​Seminar​ ​ Implementation of Outcome Based Education                          (OBE)​ -14 
 Facilitator: Dr Abid A Khan
11 June, 14​​​​​ ​SMME, Islamabad​​
​Seminar ​ Implementation of Outcome Based Education (OBE)​ - 2014
 Facilitator: Dr Abid A Khan
​03 June, 14​​​
​SCEE-NICE, Islamabad​
​Workshop​​ ​ Awareness Workshop on Outcome Based Education (OBE)​
 Facilitator: Dr Saeed ur Rahman ​
30 May, 14​​​ NBS-NUST, Islamabad​
Workshop​​ ​ Workshop on Complex Problem Solving and Activities​
 Facilitator: Dr Azlan & Dr Megat Johari  ​
24 Apr, 14​​ PEC HQ, Islamabad​​
Workshop​​​ ​ Publishing Connect Workshop 27 Feb, 14​​ Jinnah Auditorium
 NUST, Islamabad​​​
​ Scientific Approach to Teaching and Learning ​29 Jan 14​ PDC-NUST​, Islamabad
​Seminar​​ ​ Consultation on the 2014 Human Development Report and  Discussion Human Development in South Asia  ​30 Oct, 13 ​​Jinnah Auditorium
 NUST, Islamabad​​​
​Forum ​ Review of Minimum Quality Standards (MQS) for Affiliated  Colleges ​25 Sep, 13​​ HEC, Islamabad​
​ 'Kirk Patrick Model for Evaluating Trainings in Higher     Education'
  Facilitator: Dr Abdul Wahid Usmani
​06 Sep, 13​​ NUST, Islamabad
​Seminar​ ​ Civic Engagement and Service Learning Cum Launch of  Pakistan Chapter of Talloirs Network 1st Jul, 13​​​ Jinnah Auditorium
 NUST, Islamabad​​​​​
​Seminar​ ​ Awareness Seminar on "Importance of CPD Points for the  Engineers" 
14 Mar, 13​​
SEECS-NUST, Islamabad
Workshop Balanced Scorecard Technology for Evaluation of  Organizational Performance
 Facilitator: Ms Ambreen Qureshi
01 Mar, 13
HEC, Islamabad
​Workshop ​ Consultative Workshop on National Quality Policy (NQP) 26​ Feb, 13 Marriot Hotel, Islamabad​
The Challenges in Higher Education : UK Perspective 15 Feb, 13 Bahria University, Islamabad
​ Pakistan-US S&T Conference organized by Pak-US S&T  Cooperation programme and HEC​ 31 Jan &
01 Feb, 13​
NBS, Islamabad​
Workshop ​ Orientation Workshop on Institutional Performance Review ​29-30 Jan,13 HEC, Islamabad


​  World Quality Day - Raise the Voice of Quality at Institute of  Space Technology (IST)

21 Dec, 12

IST, Islamabad​


​  Coping with Difficult People 

12 Dec, 12

C3A - ​NUST,  Islamabad


​  National Quality Forum 

16 Nov, 12

Serena Hotel, Islamabad


“Seminar on Accreditation” on World Accreditation                    Day - 2012

14 Jun, 12

Serena​ Hotel, Islamabad


​  Progra​mme Vision, Mission, Objectives and Outcomes

30 M​ay, 12

NU​ST, Islamabad


​  Seminar Online Eva​luation of Self-Assessment Proformae 

11 M​ay, 12

HEC, Isl​amabad

​Forum ​ Higher Education Quality Assessment for Head of QECs of  Phase I & II 21-22 Mar,11​ ​NUST, Islamabad & FJWU, Rawalpindi

Video Conference

Software Plagiarism organized by HEC

3 Jul, 09

NUST, Islamabad

Video Conference

HEC Criteria

9 Jun, 09

NUST, Islamabad


Enhancement in Quality of Teaching & Research

26 Mar, 09

NUST, Islamabad


Leading Transformational Change: Tools for Effective Chane                                                                                             Facilitator: Linda Mary Armacost

12-13 Nov, 08

NAHE, HEC, Islamabad


Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital’                                   by Dr Akram Chowdry

2-3 May, 08

NUST, Rawalpindi

Workshop ​S&T Statistics: International Practices & their Applications’ organized by PCST ​15-16, April,08 ​Islamabad​


Programme Outcomes’ organized by Higher Education Commission

14 Mar, 08

University of Punjab, Lahore


Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education through Self Assessment Procedures

22-23 Jan, 07

HEC, Islamabad


Department-wise Information of University for Ranking 

Facilitator: Mr Yahya Khan, D(Stats) HEC, Islamabad

14 Oct, 06

NUST, Rawalpindi


Standardization and Certification organized by                     PNAC & UNIDO

1-2 Sep, 06

PNAC & UNIDO, Islamabad

Executive Seminar

QA in HE, organized by Pakistan Institute of Quality Control (PIQC)         

5 Aug, 06



Quality Assurance in Higher Education

15 Apr, 06

NUST, Rawalpindi

Workshop ​Self-Assessment of Academic Programmes ​10-11 May, 06 ​HEC, Islamabad


Academic Audit Training Workshop

31 Jan-01 Feb, 06

HEC, Islamabad


Innovative & Creative Teaching Methods                                 Facilitator: Dr Tariq

07 Jan, 06

NUST, Rawalpindi


Tow-day training workshop on Modern Theories and Practice on Quality Assurance in HE

25 -26 Jul, 05

HEC, Islamabad

​Wor​kshop ​18 Blunders Managers Make and What to Do About Them ​28 Feb, 04 ​ICMS, Peshawar