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Events Organised by QA Directorate

Quality Assurance Directorate (under the guidance/leadership of their leadership) arranged following events for the purpose of capacity building and skill development of NUST faculty and staff.  Following events helped participants sharing the knowledge / good practices of quality assurance:

​Event ​​Title Date Venue​
​​​​​​Seminar​ ​​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for MCE: Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA) & Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA)​ ​14 Mar, 19​ MCE Seminar Hall​
​​​​​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for CAE: Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA) & Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA)​ 14 Mar, 19​ CAE Seminar Hall​
​​​​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for MCS: Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA) & Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA)​ 06 Mar, 19​ MCS (Iftikhar Block - Seminar Hall)​
​​​Seminar​ ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for NBS & S3H: Resource Person: Engr. Zaheer Ahmed Babar (DDQA-SA) & Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA) 01 Mar, 19​ NBS Seminar Hall​
​​Seminar​ ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for SCEE (IESE, IGIS, NICE & NIT): Resource Person: Engr. Zaheer Ahmed Babar (DDQA-SA) & Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA) 28 Feb, 19 SCEE Seminar Hall​​
​​Seminar​ ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for ASAB/ SADA/ RCMS: Resource Person: Engr. Zaheer Ahmed Babar (DDQA-SA) & Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA) ​25 Feb, 19 ASAB Seminar Hall​
​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & CQI for SMME & SNS: Resource Person: Engr. Zaheer Ahmed Babar (DDQA-SA) & Engr. Usama Rashed (ADQA-AA)​ ​20 Feb, 19 SMME Seminar Hall​
​​​Meeting​​​​​​ ​Dashboard Requirements on CMS for Feedback Forms ​13 Feb, 19 Main Office NUST (Conference Room-1), Islamabad​​
​Audit​​ ​Institutional Performance Evaluation Review Visit by HEC Team 06-08 Feb, 19​ Main Office NUST (Board Room),  Islamabad​​
Seminar ​Seminar on Quality Assurance Issues in NUST Institutions 09 Jan, 19​ ​Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
​Training ​Training Session on OBE Software ​01 Oct, 18​ ​Main Office NUST, Islamabad​
​​​Meeting​​​​​ ​Feedback Forms Management 16 Aug, 18​ Main Office NUST, Islamabad​​
​Audit​ ​Formation of Programmes Team for SAR and Plagiarism​ ​​26 June, 18 Jinnah Auditorium- Board Room, NUST- Islamabad
​Audit​ ​PhD/MS Programme Review ​26 June, 18 Jinnah Auditorium- Board Room, NUST- Islamabad
Audit​ ​Institutional Performance Evaluation (Self) Review Visit 15 May, 18​ Conf. Room : NUST-RCMS, Islamabad​​
​​​Meeting​​​​ ​IHD on Feedback Forms Access Management 09 May, 2018​​​​ ​​NUST, Islamabad​​​​
Seminar​ ​Presentation on QEC Revised Criteria by HEC ​19 Apr, 2018 ​NUST, Islamabad​​​
​​Meeting​​​​ ​Institutional Performance Evaluation Review Visit by HEC : 2018 08 Mar, 2017​ NUST, Islamabad​
 ​Meeting​​​​ ​2nd In House Conference on Review of Feedback Forms 03 Nov, 2017​ NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on Quality Assurance in Higher Education 15 Sep, 2017​ NUST SEECS Seminar Hall​​
 ​Meeting​​​ ​Review on QA Feedback Forms​ 07 Aug, 17 NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
 ​Meeting​​​ ​ ​Status of SARs and QA Feedback Forms​​​ ​28 July, 17 NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​ ​Meeting​​​ ​​ ​Meeting​​​ of DLQECs of NUST Institutions on the status of Self-Assessment Reports (SARs)  ​17 May, 17 ​NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​Visit ​World Bank Education Team Quality Audit of QA Dte 28 Feb , 17 NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​​​​​​​
​Meeting​​​ ​One day Training of QEC  on HEC Ranking Software by HEC​​​ 04 Nov , 16 HEC, Islamabad​​​​​​​​​​​ ​
​Meeting​​​ ​Briefing on Filling of QS University Rankings – 2016-17 Forms (Facilitator: Engr Muhammad Amir Ali) ​​04 Nov , 16 NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​​​​​​
Meeting​​​ Meeting​ on Proposed Criteria for HEC University Ranking  ​06 Oct , 16 NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​​​​​
Meeting​​​ Meeting with Acting Rector  ​regarding OBE System 01 Sep, 16 NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​​​​​
​Visit ​Discussion on Software of OBE System at College Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (CE&ME) ​01 Sep , 16 CE&ME, Rawalpindi
Meeting ​16 Members Team of Mock Accreditation visit to SMME for Mechanical Engineering Programme ​26 Aug, 16 Main Office NUST & SMME, Islamabad​​​​​​
Meeting ​Presentation on Outcome Based Education (OBE) System & Self Assessment Report (SARs) ​03 Aug, 16 NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​
Meeting ​​In House Meeting on Status of feedback Forms ​06 June, 16 NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​
Meeting To review the pending NOC for Launching of New MS and PhD Programmes ​06 May, 16 NUST, Islamabad​​​​
​​Conference ​Conference on "Status of  Feedback Forms"​ 13 Apr, 16​​​​ NUST, Islamabad​​
​Workshop ​Consultative Regional Workshop on Reforms Pertaining to Engineering Education Regulations and Accreditation Process ​23 Dec, 15 NUST, Islamabad​​
​​Conference​​ Standardization / Modification of QA Feedback Forms for Non-Engineering  Programmes​ 21 Oct, 15​​​​ NUST, Islamabad
​​Conference​ ​Standardization / Modification of Employers and Alumni Survey Forms for Engineering  Programmes ​16 Oct, 15​ NUST, Islamabad​​
​​Conference​​ ​Standardization / Modification of QA Feedback Forms for Engineering  Programmes ​08 Oct, 15​ NUST, Islamabad
QA Feedback​ System ​01 Oct, 15​ NUST, Islamabad
​​Conference​ ​​Status of QA Feedback Forms 22 Sep, 15​ NUST, Islamabad
​Seminar  Outcome Based Education  (OBE),
 Facilitator: Dr Wasim Khaliq (NICE) 
27 Nov, 14​ NBS-NUST,
​Seminar ​ Self-Assessent Process for (S3H Faculity),
FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)
01 Oct, 14​ S3H-NUST,
​Seminar ​ Quality Assurance at NUST for CIPS Faculty:
 FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)​
25 Sep, 14​
NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​ (CIPS)
​Seminar ​ Quality Assurance at NUST for C3A Faculty:
 FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)
25 Sep, 14
NUST, Islamabad​​​​​​ (C3A)​
Workshop ​ Awareness Workshop on Outcome Based  Education  (OBE)
 FacilitatorDr Saeed ur Rahman 
​30 May, 14 NBS-NUST,
​​Conference ​ Review of QA Processes at NUST
 FacilitatorDirector LQECs NUST
17 Apr, 14​  NUST, Islamabad​​
Works​​hop ​ Publishing Connect by Elsevier
Facilitator: Dr Sheba Agarwal 
27 Feb, 14 ​Jinnah Auditorium       NU​​ST, Islamabad


​ Role of P​rogramme Team in Self Assessment  Process, FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA) 

13 ​Dec, 12

AM College, Rawalpindi


Quality Assurance / Enhancement Conference :  Engineering Programmes,                                              Facilitator: HoDs Engg Programmes 

11 Sep, 12

NU​​ST, Islamabad


Prog​ramme Vision, Mission, Objectives and Outcomes

Facilitator: Mr Sarfraz Pirzada (CIIT)

30 M​ay, 12

NUST, Islamabad


​ 1st PEC Accre​ditation Status Tracking  Conference (Non-Engineering)​,

 Facilitator: HoDs Non-Engineering Programmes

​30 Apr, 12​

NUST, Islamabad​


​ 3rd PEC Accre​ditation Status Tracking  Conference (Engineering Programme)​

​25 Apr, 12​​

NUST H-​12, Islamabad​


​ 2nd PEC Accre​ditation Status Tracking Conference 

 Facilitator: HoDs Engineering Programmes

​09 Jan, 12

NUST, Islamabad​


Workshop on the Role of Assessment Team 

FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)   

03 Oct, 11  

NUST, Islamabad  


1st PEC Accre​ditation Status Tracking Conference

Facilitator: HoDs Engineering Programmes

28 S​​ep, 11  

NUST, Islamabad  


HE Quality Assessment 

FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)​ & Dr Naheed Za FJWU

21-22 Mar, 11 

FJWU Rawalpindi & NUST Islamabad 


Quality Assura​nce and Self Assessment Procedures

FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)​ 

07 M​​ar, 11 

NUST SEECS, Islamabad 


Enhancement in Quality of Teaching and Research 

FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)​

26 Mar, 09  

NBS-NUST, Isalmabad  



Quality Assurance a​t NUST (An overview of NUST QEC), FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)

28 Oct, 08 

NUS​T, Islamabad 


Quality Assurance at NIIT (Now SEECS)

 FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA) &

Engr Mansoor Shaukat 

21 Sep,07  

NIIT (SEECS), Rawalpindi  


Quality Assurance a​t NUST’ (during Deans’ Conference), FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)​ 

13 S​ep,07 

NU​ST, Rawalpindi 

Symposium (Meeting) 

Self Asse​ssment on Model Department at NIIT (Now SEECS),

FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA) &

Engr Mansoor Shaukat  and others 

30 J​ul, 07 

NIIT (SEECS), ​Rawalpindi  


Department-wise Informati​on of Universities / DAIs

Facilitator: Mr. Yahya Khan (HEC) 

14 ​Oct, 06 

NU​ST, Rawalpindi 


Self Assessment of University Programmes

FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA) 

19 Aug, 06 

NUST, Rawalpindi 


QA in Highe​r Education (for DLQECs and reps of GHQ/HEC), Facilitator: Dr Kamran Moosa    

15 Apr,​ 06  

NUST, R​awalpindi  


Self-Assessment Process

FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)

10 Dec, 05

PNEC, Karachi


(Presentation )

​Quality Assurance in Higher Education during ACM,

  FacilitatorEngr M. Ismail (DQA)​

16-​17 Sep, 05  

NU​ST Rawalpindi