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Conferences/ Workshops/Seminars attended at International Level 

 For the purpose of self-development and learning good international practices Staff / Officers of Quality AssuranceDirectorate and Director Quality Assurance has participated in international Conferences, Workshops and Seminars as listed below:





​Conference ​International Conference on Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) Projects at Brussels, Belgium ​27-28 Jan, 20 ​Square Brussels Convention Centre in Brussels, Belgium​
​Conference ​International Conference on “Promoting Higher Education Quality through Policies, Standards and Practices” ​04-05 Dec, 19 ​Serena Hotel Islamabad, Pakistan​
​Conference ​2nd PEC Deans ​International Conference of Engineering Institutions 14-15 Oct, 19 ​Serena Hotel Islamabad, Pakistan​​
​Conference ​The South and Southeast Asian University Network (S&SE AUR) Forum on Regional Internationalization of Higher Education ​10-13 June, 19 ​Kunming, Yunnan Province, China​
​Conference ​2nd International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Annual General Meeting organized by PNQAHE ​24-25 Apr, 19 ​University of Education Lahore​
​Conference ​QS Edu Data Summit - 2018 ​18-19 June, 18 ​Boston, USA
​Conference ​Forging the Future - Building Stronger Alliances between Universities and Industry (THE Asia Universities Summit) ​14-16 Mar, 17 ​University of Ulsan, South Korea
​Seminar ​The 2016 MQA & IQA International Seminar on Quality Assurance of Higher Education ​17-18 Oct, 16 ​Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
​Workshop 6th QS-MAPLE Call for Proposals
​09-13 May, 16 ​Al Ain at United Arab Emirate (UAE)​
Conference  ​Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM)-2015  17-19 Apr, 15 Kumming, China​
Conference ​Pakistan’s 13th International Convention on Quality Improvement (ICQI) – 2014) ​17-18 Nov, 14 Lahore​​
​Conference ​“External Quality Assurance in Pakistani Universities”, Presented in Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM)-2014. ​7-8 Mar, 2014 Hanoi,  Vietnam​
​​Workshop  Publishing Connect Workshop 27 Feb, 14 Jinnah  Auditorium, NUST
​Conference ​Quality Audit of the Armed Forces Medical Services School (AFMSS) Oman  15 -20 Dec, 13 Oman​
​​Seminar  International Seminar on Peace and Conflict Resolution 23-24 Oct, 13
Jinnah Auditorium, NUST
​Conference The World Academic Summit 2013 02-04 Oct, 13 Singapore
Workshop 5th World Engineering Conference - 2013 ​23-25 Sep, 13
Jinnah Auditorium, NUST
Seminar  Civic Engagement and Services Learning -Cum - Launch of Pakistan Chapter of Talloirs Network (PCTN) ​1st Jul, 13
Jinnah  Auditorium, NUST
Conference ​Academic Quality Audit of Air Force College of Technology SEEB, Oman
​25-30 May, 13 Oman
Conference 7th QS-APPLE Conference and Exhibition 16-18 Nov, 11 Manila, Philippines


5th QS University Rankings Workshop

3 May, 11

​Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai

​Conference ​1st  QS-MAPLE Conference  1-2 May, 11 Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai

International Training

International Training on "Skills Training for External Quality Review"  in collaboration with QAA, UK 

18-20 Apr, 11

​HEC, Islamabad


One-day Conference on Regional Policy Dialogue

19 Jan, 11



6th QS-APPLE (Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education) Conference

17-19 Nov, 10



UNESCO Commonwealth of Learning workshop on Open Educational Resources

28 Apr, 10

Cape Town,   South Africa

​Conference ACU Conference of Executive Heads 2010 ​25-27 Apr, 10 Cape Town,  South Africa
Conference ​APQN 2010 Conference and AGM ​3-5 Mar, 10 Bangkok, Thailand


International Information Package workshop

2 Mar, 10

Bangkok, Thailand


5th QS-APPLE (Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education) Conference 

24-26 Nov, 09

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


3rd QS University Rankings and Evaluation

23 Nov, 09

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Quality Audit of Salalah College of Technology, Oman

14-17 Nov ,09



International Workshop on S&T Statistics and Policy Making at Pakistan Council of Science

5-7 May, 09

Islamabad, Pakistan


ACU Conference of Executive Heads

28-30 Nov, 08

Hyderabad, India


International Workshop on ‘Establishment of OIC Science, Technology and Innovation Centre’

28-30 Mar, 08

COMSTECH, Islamabad


APQN Conference & AGM-2008 Makuhari, Chiba City, Tokyo

20-22 Feb, 08

Tokyo, Japan


Open Symposium at Makuhari, Chiba City, Tokyo

19 Feb, 08

Tokyo, Japan


Development of Measurements for Higher Education Quality Assurance in Bangladesh (APQN)

30-31 May, 07

Dhaka, Bangladesh


1st International Conference on Assessing Quality in Higher Education

11-13 Dec, 06



INQAAHE Members Workshop-2006

17-19 May, 06

The Hague, Netherlands