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Staying safe in the time of Coronavirus
Keeping in view the current status of Coronavirus COVID-19 spread in Pakistan, NUST pledges to ensure a safe environment for its students, faculty, and staff.

In light of the decision taken by the Government of Pakistan in the backdrop of the prevailing pandemic Novel Coronavirus, NUST is closed for students w.e.f March 14, 2020. NUST has organised Distance Learning classes that started on March 30, 2020, through a blended Synchronous and Asynchronous mode, which will continue for 8 weeks, until May 22, 2020. Quality of lecturing is being continuously monitored to ensure improvements / corrections, and efforts are being made to effectively reach students who are in remote and limited internet connectivity areas, with support from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and all major telecom and Internet service providers. Recorded lectures will also be available to such students, and upon their return, special classes will be arranged for them.

Faculty and staff has been reduced to essential only, and on rotation basis.

e-Learning Café for NUSTians:

NUST Professional Development Centre (PDC) has launched “E-learning Café”- an online learning platform specifically for NUSTians; including faculty, staff, students as well as members of their household, including children between the ages 6-18. E-learning Café offers learner-centric courses without the barriers of cost and location, but with the same learning experience as at NUST while being in comfort of one’s home. The programme aims at productive engagement of NUSTians, and building skills, helping with emotional health and improving motivation and productivity. The schedule of courses can be downloaded from by clicking on the E-learning Café tab, placed on the Main Menu, or from the following link: Recorded lectures of already held trainings are available at

Student Counselling:

Feeling blue in these times of quarantine? We are all here with you!
Tell us what's bothering you by sending an email at and we will help you get through it. Services offered exlcusively for NUST students.

Policies & Practices at NUST to avoid outbreak:

  1. A NO HANDSHAKE POLICY is being observed on all NUST campuses for the safety of the NUST Family.
  2. Employees are being made aware of the precautionary measures against the virus through internal communication channels. Online sessions on “Awareness and Organisational Preparedness for COVID-19” was also conducted by the NUST Professional Development Centre.
  3. All large-scale events, major sports activities and field trips have been cancelled / postponed.
  4. Large gatherings have been disallowed.
  5. Biometric attendance/entrance procedure has been discontinued. 
  6. Disinfection of frequently used locations is being done on a regular basis, along with cleaning/disinfection of major touchpoints including doorknobs, handles, lift buttons, etc.
  7. Hand sanitizor dispensers have been installed in all the buildings of NUST, so that visitors can sanitize themselves frequently.
  8. Arrangements for offering Jumma prayers are being made in respective Schools, in addition to the existing arrangements in the Main Mosque at H-12 campus.
  9. International travel, both inbound and outbound, has been restricted, including visits of foreign experts/delegates, who may be allowed after thorough medical clearance.
  10. Travel itineraries of all NUST students, faculty and staff, who have travelled abroad since emergence of Coronavirus threat are being evaluated for any possible risk of exposure.
Health Advisory:

  1. Refrain from shaking hands. Also maintain a safe distance for your own and others’ wellbeing.
  2. Avoid going to public places unless essential. Upon return from any public place, wash your clothes and take a bath/shower to protect yourself and those around you from any possible threat.
  3. Wash your hands frequently; particularly before eating anything or after you have touched doors, stair railings, chairs, desks, etc. Use a good soap or an alcohol-based hand wash. This kills viruses that may be on your hands.
  4. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, especially with unwashed hands. Hands can pick up viruses as they touch different surfaces, and can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth.  
  5. When you sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with tissue or your bent elbow to prevent the spread of viruses. Properly dispose of the used tissue immediately. 
  6. Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing. If you stand too close to such an individual, you can breathe in the droplets sprayed from their mouth and nose. These droplets could include the COVID-19 virus if the person coughing or sneezing has the disease.
  7. If you have flu-like symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, report to NUST Medical Centre immediately. Remember that early detection is critical to protecting your own health, and preventing spread of viruses to others around you.
  8. Stay updated on the latest information on COVID-19 spread on WHO website. Most people who become infected experience mild illness and recover, but it can be more severe for others. So do not take this issue lightly; take care of your own health and the health of your loved ones.

Alumni Initiative:

'Justajoo - COVID Medical Support' is an initiative of NUST alumnus, to streamline current humanitarian efforts by helping COVID-19 patients through plasma donations, medicines, and medical equipment arrangements. For more information, visit Justajoo's Facebook group

Justajoo's Core Team member message:

If you have recovered from COVID-19 and are willing to help COVID-19 patients by donating plasma, list your name in Justajoo’s database on plasma donors by filling the form available at​

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