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Team Mechatronics cheered with the young innovators from NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering as their robots took the playing fields at the annual Head Start Robotics Competition (HSRC).This competition was held at Head Start School. The competition encourages students, on both school and university level, to come up with their innovative ideas and exemplary logic. The competition develops a healthy interaction between school and university students which ensures a positive exchange of the knowledge of Robotics. History repeated itself this year too on 7th April, 2018 when students of Mechatronics Engineering department CEME, NUST excelled in the HSRC'18 and bagged the trophies of all the major categories. The students by making the most standout bots in both modular and indigenous category and habitually, became a source of pride for the department. The teamwork, passion and hard work exhibited by our students are not just remarkable, but also exhibit professionalism.

The three major categories of the event were all conquered by our students. They are the following:

1) Line tracking modular.

2) Line tracking indigenous.

3) Line tracking logic based

A brief outlook on the teams is given as follows:

1) Line tracking Indigenous:

NUST Students of 6th semester Mechatronics Engineering Department CEME, Team Terminator” won this competition. They stood out in this category by completing the challenging arena in just 12 seconds. Their bot was surely the source of attraction for every person. The team members are GC Muzammil Nisar(Team leader),Asma Khalid,Minhas Umair,Amber Farooq,Fatima Farooq

2) Line Tracking Modular:

This category was bagged by students of 2nd Semester Mechatronics Engineering Department,CEME NUST, Team “Saad Steam. Their bot covered the arena in about 22 seconds and stood First in the Lego category. The team members were Saad Javed(Team Leader),Muhammad Usama Bashir,Ali Raza,Sajjal Salahuddin,Waleed Alam Lodhi.

3) Line tracking logic based:

The winning team of this category was Team “Pink Wolves”. The team members included students from 4th semester Mechatronics Engineering Department,CEME NUST and their names are Tanzeel-ur-Rahman(Team Leader),Muhammad Umer Bin Mansoor,Qambar Raza,Shaoib Saeed and Areeb Bari respectively.

National University of Sciences and Technology H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan