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​​Acquisition department of library works for acquiring the material required by students, faculty and staff of NUST. It deals with all types of material requested for library to meet the academic and research needs of the NUST students, faculty and staff.


Circulation services are provided to help the users in borrowing and returning of the library material. 


Reference service is also available. The prime purpose of this service is to advice the researchers, students and faculty regarding collection and services of the library. This service helps the users in doing their academic and research tasks.

Document Delivery

Document delivery service is also available at NUST Central Library. This service facilitates the library community in accessing the article, books and other material needed to meet the academic and research needs.

Inter Library Loan

In case when needed contents are not available within NUST Central Library collection, Inter Library Loan service is also available to support library users in accessing their needed material from other libraries of the institution.


NUST Central Library also serves library users with the printing and photocopying services. A separate section has been designated within the library premises to provide these services for the convenience of the library members.

Selective Dissemination of Information

This service is provided to keep the members of the library updated about latest information on their areas of interest. It plays a vital role in keeping the students, faculty and researchers well informed on their topics.

Citation Management

Citation management related services are also available at NUST Central Library.  Library conducts regular training sessions on citation management tools for researchers to facilitate them in doing the research efficiently. Web links of useful citation management tools are as under:

Information Literacy

Library also conducts regular training sessions on information literacy for students, faculty and researchers to equip them with necessary skills for efficient handling and management of contents. 

Searching Skills

Better searching skills play an integral role in retrieving the relevant contents for academic and research purposes. Library conducts frequent training/workshops to equip the researchers with these necessary skills.

Self-Service Kiosks

NUST Central Library has implemented Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to change its manned check-in and checkout system to self-service. Now Central Library members use a self-check-in kiosk to issue or renews their required books from the library, using their NUST ID cards or through biometric identification. They also drop their books in the electronic drop box kiosk, installed near the entrance, to return these to the library. Central Library RFID solution also includes a shelf management system which helps the library staff to find misplaced books and arrange these in the shelves.

NUST Library Mobile app

NUST Central Library has launched a “NUST Library” mobile app and can be downloaded from Play Store free of cost on Android phones. It is an amazing app to instantly tap into library resources anytime and anywhere. Members can use this app to manage their accounts, renew books and search their required information in the NUST libraries. Currently, so many library users have downloaded it and are enjoying the experience. Moreover, an online searching kiosk is also available in the library. ​