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Course Description

The aim of the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering is to train young graduates with technical, analytical, business and interpersonal skills to meet the challenges of the modern industries. The curriculum is tailored to provide skills in various areas of mechanical engineering such as design, thermo-fluids, management and interpersonal skills. The program is structured to create ability in the students to apply a multi-disciplinary approach to conceive, plan, design and implement solutions to large number of mechanical engineering problems. The curriculum is integrated with computer based technologies facilitating the design and simulation of mechanical components and systems. In addition to all, the curriculum is set so that it helps students to choose a specific area or interdisciplinary fields such as robotics and manufacturing. wide range of engineering technologies.

Modern mechanical engineers use sophisticated computer-aided design and engineering skills to ensure the reliability, efficiency and economics of products. There is an increasing demand for trained graduates with technical, analytical, business and interpersonal skills. The modern industry has led the world in innovation for almost a century, and its operations are now firmly integrated with computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering. Our programme in Mechanical Engineering with its relevant specialisations provides skill, knowledge and understanding in the areas of computer-based technologies and innovative design processes. These are associated with current and future generations of machines and engineers with broad-based mechanical engineering expertise coupled with manufacturing knowledge.