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Design and Manufacturing Research Group



  • Dr Shahid Ikramullah
  • Dr Liaqat Ali
  • Dr Khalid Akhtar
  • Dr Mushtaq Khan
  • Dr Husain Imran
  • Engr. Naweed Hassan
  • Lec. Nabeel Younis

External Members


  • Dr Riaz Ahmed (NUST)
  • Dr Rehan Akhtar (PILO)
  • Dr Nauman Ahmed (CEME)
  • Dr Syed Waheed (HIT-Defence)




  • Product Design & Development
  • Laser Manufacturing/Material Processing
  • Surface Treatment and Sand Casting
  • CNC / High Speed Machining
  • Rapid Prototyping (RP)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and performance
  • Manufacturing System Modeling & Simulation
  • Lean Manufacturing & Facility Layout
  • Solar Powered Transportation

Industrial Project (Completed)


1) Manufacturing & Fabrication of Electric Bus for H-12 Campus


2) APU (Auxiliary Power Unit Test Rig) ​comp-pro-2.jpg

3) Manufacturing of Jatropha Seed Bio-Diesel Plant & Installation


​4) Design and development of Mechanical Knee Joint (Collaboration MVRDE)

5) Various Project for Heavy Industries Taxil ​comp-pro-5.jpg 6) Phone Casing for Secure Communication (for AWC using RP facility)comp-pro-6.jpg


7) LSC (Laser Shot Controller) Box


8) Design and fabrication of Jaw opening mechanism for dinosaurs (Natural History Museum Islamabad)​

9) Design and development of small scale autoclave for chemicals testing​

10) Design and development of test rig for drilling of hard rocks in petroleum exploration (HEC Startup Research Grant IPFP)​

 Research Projects (Completed)


1) Syntronics Ltd. Implementation of Six Sigma approach (Extrusion, Weaving, Cutting & Stitching Departments)


2) Production Optimization of Ceiling Fan Production Shop at Starco Fan Industry.


3) Reduction in Welding Defects and Rejection Rates at Pakistan Welding Institute.
4) Implementation of Statistical Quality Control Tools at Refrigerator production line of Haier Industries to improve
Quality and enhance Productivity.

Industrial & Research Projects (In progress)


1) Design and Development of Environmental chamber for testing of single photovoltaic solar cell in Cryogenic conditions.

2) Effect of fatigue on surface finish of machined.

3) Aluminum Alloys (AL6061).

4) Development of a feature-code based on ISO14649 for machining of pockets and holes on CNC milling Machine.

5) Development of Production Software to calculate production time of article stitching for ? Service Shoes Industry?.

Rectification/Removal of defects in 9x19mm ammo.



Research Papers​ Journals​ ​Conferences Book Chapters​

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Students registered with DMRG

​PhD Students MS Students​
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 Lab Facilities