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Entrepreneurship Workshop for Scientists and Engineers

NUST, in collaboration with the US Embassy, organized a unique workshop which brought together 40 Pakistani scientists and engineers in activities, lectures and discussions aimed at exploring the process that goes behind converting innovation to business development. 

The workshop was led by Dr Surya Raghu and a team of six international and eight national instructors, who showed engineers and scientists how to convert their innovative ideas into models of entrepreneurship  by introducing them to “the process of innovation, generation and protection of intellectual property, technology transfer and commercialization of inventions.” 

The workshop consisted of lectures, panel discussions, case studies and group activities with mentors for each group. Participants were divided into six teams. Each of them developed real business plans for solutions to real issues in Pakistan. The presentations made by these teams were evaluated by a Jury of 7 members. At the closing session, the team behind the “Counter Intuitive Technologies” project was declared the winner for presenting the best business plan and was nominated for the award of a start-up funding of $ 10000/-  by the US Embassy, while Rector NUST announced his decision to provide incubation space to all the six teams at Technology Incubation Centre of NUST.