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Engine Blow-By Monitoring System



Engine Blow-By Monitoring System: A commercial product

Designed and Developed by:

School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (SMME), National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)


Blow-by occurs when the explosion in your engine’s combustion chamber causes fuel, air and moisture past the rings into the crankcase. Piston rings must maintain an excellent fit in order to contain the pressure. As rings and cylinder liners wear away, they are less capable of maintaining this seal. Consequently, as an engine ages, the amount of blow-by can increase.

Blow-by inhibits performance because it results in a loss of compression. When the expanding gasses slip past the rings, they cannot as effectively push the piston down, and, as a result, the engine will have less horsepower. This also results in a loss of fuel economy and the result of fuel, air and moisture slipping into the crankcase contaminates and dilutes the oil in the crankcase.

Monitoring of engine blow-by helps in identifying the right time to overhaul the engine. One of the most challenging parameters to measure accurately in engine testing is engine blow-by. The blow-by flow rate of engines is very low and thus is difficult to measure through conventional means. Special techniques are used to measure such limited flow rates.

A Success Story

The Engine Blow-By Monitoring System developed by SMME is a successful commercial product. It is probably the first time in Pakistan that a public sector university has developed a commercial product. More than a dozen systems have been sold to major automotive companies in Pakistan including Millat Tractors and Power Vision, to army workshops and to other independent suppliers such as United Traders. Due to the high reliability, durability, efficiency & portability of the system, SMME is getting a very positive feedback and is receiving more orders of the Blow-By System without having even properly marketing it. In view of its high success the team involved in its designing, development and manufacturing is constantly upgrading the Engine Blow-By System by making it more user friendly & durable. So far three models have been developed; RAM-BB3 is the latest model developed in July, 2013, incorporating fiber optics. RAM-BB3 is a standalone system with a built-in touch-screen specially designed for field applications. A patent has also been filed for the Engine Blow-by Monitoring System.

In the INVENTION TO INNOVATION SUMMIT 2013, the product was recognized as the best product and was awarded the “Innovation Award”. This system has been developed at The Automotive Research Center (The ARC) School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering by the team comprising of Dr. Riaz Ahmad Mufti, Mr. Mian Ashfaq Ali and Mr. Muhammad Usman Bhutta.