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NUST Community Service Club Coming Events
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NUST Community Service Club Movie Screening for NUST Endowment Fund
NCSC holds movie nights every semester as entertainment for all the NUSTians as well as to generate funds for the NUST Endowment Fund Program. Each ticket that a student buys, contributes a small amount that helps NCSC sponsor two students’ education every year. Join NCSC in their mission by purchasing tickets that cost a meagre Rs. 70 and play your role in helping your fellow NUSTians.
The folks here at NCSC are upholding their tradition of showing the latest movies in NUST and this time ‘Housebound’ is being screened.
After a series of scary movies, NCSC is bringing you one more which is slightly different because it’s a rare mix of comedy and horror. If you want to enjoy this unusual combination, then be there at SCME Seminar Hall, 5th December, 2014 from 1400-1700 hours.
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NCSC brings a platform to show off your talents at “Knack of all this” event

Are you talented? Do you have something unique in you? Do you have the wow factor? If you do, then NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) brings you a platform to shine. It is going to provide for you a spotlight to emerge and show NUST just what you’re made of. NCSC is bringing you the event of the year. “Knack of all this” is a platform on which you can show your talents, and mesmerize them with your hidden potentials.
Knack of all this is a weeklong event where students of NUST will showcase their talents. There will be two categories of people signing up for this event: one with the talent, and the second wanting to learn that talent.
This event is all about opening the doors to various possibilities for the students who want to learn. Learn things that our usual day studies don’t teach us. Say charcoal art, skateboarding, playing the guitar, Sudoku, Boggle, ribbon work, knot art and what not?
At the last day of the event all the people who have signed up for learning will exhibit it in front of the audience comprising of children from SOS village. This event will include fun learning and interaction among the students of SOS and NUST. It will teach them co-ordination and team work.
Come join us and have the best week of your life at knack of all this from 8th December to 12th December 2014! For more details, please visit the event page on Facebook: