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Dr Hasan Sajid (Dy. HoD)
Assistant Professor
Department of Robotics and Intelligent Machine Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H-12, Islamabad
Tel : +925190856068

Computer Vision, machine learning and deep learning

PhD (Electrical Engineering), University of Kentucky, USA


  • PhD.  Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA (2016). 
  • MS.  Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA (2014).                                                                       
  • BE  Mechatronics Engineering, National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan (2007) 

Honors & Awards:

  • Nominated for outstanding graduate student award by ECE department.
  • Best Paper Finalist in IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), 2014.
  • Recipient of prestigious US State Department Fulbright Scholarship for Master’s program in US, 2012. 
  • Power and Energy Institute of Kentucky tuition fee waiver scholarship, USA, 2012.

Won 1st Prize in National Engineering Robotics Contest (NERC) 2006, organized by NUST, FESTO Germany and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan. A total of 54 teams participated in the nationwide contest.

Received a grant of Rs 1 Million for Final Year Project from NUST and HEC, Pakistan, 2007.

Thrice received NUST Undergraduate Merit Scholarship for academic distinction. 


IEEE Tr​ansactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.

IIEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

Elsevier Journal of Image Communication.

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME)​​​​​​

​Research Interest/areas:


  • Crowd Analytics: Anomaly detection and crowd counting in high density settings.
  • Traffic Analytics: Vehicle detection, classification and counting
  • Autonomous Minimal Invasive Surgery
  • Visual Odometry from aerial images 
  • Background Subtration for Static and Moving Cameras

​Journal papers:

  • Hasan Sajid, Sen-Ching Samson Cheung, "Universal Multi-Mode Background Subtraction", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP), 2016. (Impact factor 3.73)
  • Hasan Sajid, Sen-Ching Samson Cheung and Nathan Jacobs, "Appearance based Background Subtraction for Moving Cameras",Journal of Signal Processing: Image Communication, 2016. (Impact factor 1.6)

Conference papers:

  • ​Hasan Sajid and Sen-Ching Samson Cheung, "VSig: Hand-Gestured Signature Recognition and Authentication with Wearable Camera", in IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security (WIFS), 2015.
  • Hasan Sajid and Sen-Ching Samson Cheung, "Background subtraction for Static and Moving Camera", in IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2015.
  • Hasan Sajid, Sen-Ching Samson Cheung, "Background subtraction under sudden illumination change", IEEE workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), pp. 1-6, 2014.
  • O. Hasan, S. Mansoor, H. Sajid, Z. Amjad, S. Nisar and T. Hasan, “Al Zahrawi - A Training Robot and Simulator for Minimal Invasive Surgery”. INMIC 2011.
  • Nassar Ikram, Shakeel Durranii, Hasan Sajid, Husnain Saeed, "A Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network Based Intelligent Safety and Security System (IS3)," sensorcomm, pp.388-392, 2009 Third International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications, 2009.


Hasan Sajid, Emad Felemban, Adil A. Sheikh and Husnain Saeed. 2016. A Novel methodology for Vision based Day and Night Traffic Analytics. United States Patent Pending.

Book chapters:

Dr. Nassar Ikram, Shakeel Durrani, Hasan Sajid and Husnain Saeed, ‘Wireless Sensor Networks: Fundamentals, Technology and Applications’, In: Junaid Ahmed Zubairi (Ed), Applications of Modern High performance Networks, Bentham Publishers, NY USA. (eISBN: 9781608050772, 2009)​

​Courses at SMME:

  • Measurement and Instrumentation - Undergraduate
  • Control Systems - Undergraduate
  • Machine Learning - Graduate​

​Industry Experience:

  • Team Lead - Mechatronics (Project: Telesurgical Robot and Simulator), SEECS, NUST. (June 2011 - Aug 2012)
  • Research Officer (BPS-17), Public Sector R&D Organization. (Oct 2007 - June 2011)​