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Aerial Robotics Lab (NU’STAR)

Scope of Lab 

In the recent years Pakistan has seen consecutive catastrophic disasters which include floods of 2005, 2008, 2010 

and 2011 and earthquake of 2008, in which millions of lives were lost.  In a typical disaster management cycle 

(shown be​low), the most significant phase is that of Disaster response,  where the focus is just to save lives and 

to quickly provide them with at least bare minimum life support including water,  food and medicines. In March 2012,

we are in the process of setting up NUST Aerial Robotics (NU’STAR) research lab at School of Mechanical and 

Manufacturing Engineering.

The lab focuses primarily on design, development, manufacturing, capability enhancement and automation of helicopter platforms and associated systems

Incharge of Lab

  • Dr Kashif Javed​

Apparatus Name & Picture

Small and medium sized Helicopter Platforms​