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Dr Muhammad Sajid
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H-12, NUST HQ, Islamabad.
Tel : +925190856065

Computational Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Multiphase Flow

PhD (University of Cergy Pontiose) France

Fluid Mechanics Lab


1. Sajid, M., Bennacer, R., Numerical study of decoupled bubble dynamics in nucleate boiling - Defect and Diffusion Forum, Trans Tech publications Switzerland, Vols. 283-286 (2009) pp 329-334.

2. Sajid, M., Bennacer, R., Numerical study of single bubble dynamics using a conservative level set method,  Proceedings of the International Conference on Multiphase Flow 2010, Tampa, Florida, USA.

3. Sajid, M., Bennacer, R., Simulation of single bubble dynamics in nucleate pool boiling using the level set method - Proceedings of the 2009 ASME Summer Heat Conference, San Francisco, California, USA.