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Fluid Mechanics Lab

Scope of Lab:

  • To measure the volume flow rate at various valve position using volumetric tank of hydraulic bench.
  • To determine the density and specific density of fluid and demonstrate the capillary effect that occurs in various tube and plates.
  • To determine the viscosity of fluid using viscometer.
  • To measure the metacentric height of floating body and determine its initial static stability.
  • Flow rate measurement with venture meter by Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration.
  • Impact object of flat shape, hemispherical shape and conical shape.
  • Determination of performance characteristics of Pelton Wheel hydraulic turbine and torque and power are to be presented as a function of turbine speed.
  • To observed laminar transitional and turbulent flow and the upper and lower critical velocities at transitional flow.
  • To demonstrate the basic operation and characteristic of centrifugal pump and differentiate the performance curves of a single pump and of two identical pump those are run in series of parallel.

Incharge of Lab:

  • Dr Edmad U Din​

Apparatus Name & Pictures​

Hydrostatic Bench​


Series or Parallal Pump Test Rig


Venturi Meter