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CNC Lab (Lathe Milling)
The heart of any manufacturing facility is the machine which produces basic mechanical parts. These machines could aid in producing a semi finished or fully finished product. Precise machining requires extreme skill with tools, machine and the material of the job. With the inception of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines into manufacturing setup, precise and reliable machining without human intervention during the machining process has enabled reduction in operational hazards and in job time through automated machining and tool changing. SMME has currently 2-Axes CNC Lathe with automatic 8 tool turret and a 3-Axes CNC Milling with automatic 24 tool changer. Both machines are of industrial grade and would enable students to perform machining, optimizing tool path, and increase lead time whereas enable researchers to study phenomena relevant to machining. The school also wishes to provide industrial support to allied industries and training for professional development.
SMME LAB 3-1.jpg SMME LAB 3-2.jpg