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Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Lab

Scope of Lab

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) is one of the current concepts applied in the industry for automatic manufacturing. CIM promises to be the future of an advanced manufacturing setup where machines can communicate with their human/computer operators through PLC's and tends to provide an efficient and optimized solution for job monitoring and handling.

Quality control station helps the station manager through centralized system of computer systems integrated with machines via plc, communicate job acceptance and rejection through a central manager. The whole experience of CIM and its miniature version Micro-CIM enables students to learn the basics of an automated working environment and also teaches them to communicate with the machines through plc programming and job preparation on cnc machines through G-codes and M-codes.

​Incharge of Lab​

  • Dr Shahid Ikramullah​

Apparatus Name & Picture

Current CIM setup at the school comprises of 

  • miniature CNC lathe n milling machines, 
  • robotic arms and 
  • conveyor system for job preparation, handling and transportation.