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Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Lab

Scope of Lab

Product design using Computer Aided technologies has changed the way manufacturing industry designs and manufactures parts. Whether it is automotive, aerospace or any other industry, computer aided designing is one of the skills desired in the engineers. Keeping in view this requirement, NUST SMME has a fully equipped CAD/CAM lab available to the students.​ 

Incharge of Lab

  • Dr Liaqat Ali​

Apparatus Name & Picture

CAE lab is a facility that provides computing resources for SMME. These resources have been made accessible not only from our labs 24 hours a week, but from anywhere on campus and from any computer over the internet. With the help of this facility students can work on their personal computer from any location and can use all packages installed at CAE lab. Supported tools include VNC and SSH. Packages installed include Octave, Pro-E and LabView.



Dell OptiPlex 9020: INTERL CORE i7, 8GB RAM, Dedicated ATI Radeon 1GB graphics.