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Molecular Pharmacology and Oncology Lab
Cancer is a multifarious cluster of diseases characterized by an abnormal increase in cell proliferation. The initiation and progression of this disease is an evolutionary process driven by the gradual accumulation of genetic and epigenetic mutations in the cell. In the last decade, a rapid increase in the cost of health care, coupled with the limited effectiveness of single target cancer treatment therapies, has facilitated the growing relevance of naturally occurring phytochemicals in plants for use in the prevention of human diseases including cancer. To establish low cost and effective phytochemical therapy for the treatment of various cancers, our research focuses on how oncogenic variation contributes to survival of breast and lung cancer. We analyses mechanisms at the level of gene regulatory networks in-vitro as well as in-vivo.

Our aims are

  • to investigate survival mechanism of cancer diseases
  • ultimately, to devise strategies for prevention based on mechanisms of risk

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