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Luminaries Message

National Instruments (NI) USA

SMME has developed  strong links with National Instruments (NI) USA and have conducted number of  joint events/workshops.  SMME is the only institute in Pakistan certified by National Instruments as NI Labview Academy. The school has certified NI faculty and has state of the art hardware with some of the equipment donated by NI (USA).  The NI Academy programme, developed by National Instruments (USA), combines face-to-face teaching with hands on lab exercises, preparing students for their future careers by developing their skills in using visual programming language and acquisition systems created by National Instruments (USA).

Lubrizol USA

Lubrizol is an oil additive company mainly conducting research in the area of Engine Lubricants. SMME with its experienced faculty and state of the art labs convinced Lubrizol for a joint project in the field of engine tribology. Lubrizol has provided the hardware for research on the Mercedes Benz OM464 engine, looking in detail at the effect of formulations on the tribological performance of engine valve train.

BP/Castrol UK 

Knowing the expertise of our faculty, strong links have been developed with BP/Castrol in the area of engine tribology. For research on cam/tappet interaction, BP/Castrol not only agreed to collaborate in this project but also donated a heavy duty diesel engine valve-train test rig worth millions of rupees. Recently SMME completed consultancy work for Castrol involving Instrumenting and testing of AUDI 1.9l engine. Work has started on the next project based on Prius engine looking at the slip/roll ratio of rollers. This is a great achievement for Pakistan, attracting an International oil giant for research.

Millat Tractors

Along with international companies, SMME is also working closely and supporting the local industries. One of the examples is the technical link developed with Millat Tractors. Knowing our expertise in the field of engines, Millat Tractors and SMME are working on a number of joint projects. This includes, development of engine blow-by monitoring system, real time oil consumption measurement system, designing of Green Engine Test Bed costing 12 million rupees, etc.

"In realization of the fact we gratefully acknowledge & appreciate the efforts made by you (SMME) and your team for successful development of Blow-by meter for Millat Tractors engine testing facility."

Deputy General Manager Technical

Millat Tractors Limited