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International associations


NUST SMME THE FIRST AND ONLY NI LABVIEW ACADEMY IN PAKISTAN CERTIFIED BY NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS USA is organizing a Hands-on workshop on LabVIEW by the experts from SMME. This workshop would foster learning for engineers, scientists and academia to help them building tests, measurements, analysis, process, monitoring and control, for research applications. The event will constitute 35 hours of hands on workshop on LabVIEW. This is the best opportunity to learn from "LabVIEW Certified Instructor" with broad industrial experience in data acquisition and instrumentation.

 Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

As part of bilateral collaboration between Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok and NUST-SMME, both institutions will be exchanging faculty and students with an aim to establish strong linkages in both academics and research. In the first stage, Dr. Muhammad Naveed of NUST-SMME will go to AIT as Visiting Faculty for the Spring 2013 semester. During his stay at AIT Dr. Naveed will engage in both teaching as well as research supervision of Mechatronics Engineering students from various countries. In the second stage of this collaboration, it is planned that students of AIT will come to study at NUST-SMME as exchange students where they will also engage in innovative and novel research oriented projects in various labs of NUST-SMME.


SMME has signed an MoU with Trojans for establishing PTC Academy at SMME. Where TROJANS in its capacity as Authorized Training Providers by PTC (USA) will train five faculty members of SMME on WINDCHILL (PLM software) having status of PTC (USA) authorized training instructors. PTC Academy at SMME will be the sole PTC authorized academy in the Northern Region of Pakistan for imparting trainings on WINDCHILL software.

Middlesex University

A two member team of NUST visited Middlesex University in Feb 2012 with a view to see their concept of relationship between industrial and Mechanical Design. Middlesex University has established, revised and designed the curriculum on a suitable amalgamation between the two. They have established small scale workshops and studios to support in the programmes.

Another area which was of interest to NUST team was the venture of “Mind Sets”, Established in 1986, Wholly owned by Middlesex University, Dedicated to supporting teachers in delivering the D&T and Science Curriculum, Many products designed and made in the UK, Over 3000 products available online, our surplus funds are reinvested in education. This venture promotes scientific conceptual and educational devices and systems. Many of their products are created at the work bench level by students and a small team of professionals. The products developed as a consequence are available for sale at a nominal cost for schools and even for professional students.

Some of their products of Mind sets are enlisted here:-

  • Seismometer
  • Remote operated buggy
  • Windmills
  • Materials
  •  IQ developer
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Servo Units and Meters
  • Gear Boxes and Gear Arrangements etc.

SMME has started a project in which some educational projects for high school level have been initiated:-

  • Sine Wave VS Quadrants
  • Bernoulli’s Principal Display
  • Windmill
  • Electric Buggy
  • Gear Ratio
  • Powered Boat
  • Pulley Ratio
  • Moment of Inertia
  • Centrifugal & Centripetal Forces
  • Potential Energy & Kinetic Energy Inter Conversion
  • Boyles Law Display
  • Pascal's Law Demonstrator
  •  Moment Arm Display