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Sports Gala 2015
Amidst multiple bangs, thrashing water, emotionally-soiled entries of the four houses and flashing colours, the SMME Sports Gala 2015 officially commenced under the fully exposed sunshine on the afternoon of Thursday, 23rd April. Team spirit and sworn allegiance to respective houses could be sensed in the air as each house made its entrance, each with a small demonstration of their strength to shatter the confidence of their rivals.
Crushers made an exceptionally impressive entrance, equipped with life-sized Hulk. With their green faces, they swayed the winds in their favour and won the game of entrances. Hammers literally brought a hammer which they rammed through a sheet, smearing it. Of course, the sheet had the names of the other three houses on it. The hammer game was amped as the captain and vice captain, both surrounded in circles, forced a mighty sledge hammer onto the ground, causing onlookers to take a step back. Bulldozers threw ‘blood’ on their enemies as they covered the others in red powder and danced in the middle. They continued to entertain us with a skit as well. Lastly, Drillers made their way in when their captain entered with a flame in his hands. They sincerely hope that things go as they depicted in their skit, with the other houses fighting tooth and nail to lay their hands on the victory cup while they confidently swoosh it in their hands. Nevertheless, this entry earned the Drillers second position, which was followed by Bulldozers and subsequently by Hammers.
Once the house captains took their oaths by the Vice Principal, what happened next can be most appropriately described as all hell breaking loose. With loud slogans and screams, all of them indulged in the water fight and colour soaking that ensued. Eventually everyone was drenched with the same water and the same mixture of colours, because they spirit of SMME is always going to be the same in all of them no matter which house they belong to.