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The Alumni initiative sets out to keep in contact with the Faculty’s graduated student. The Faculty sees the value in enabling former students to stay in touch with their Alma Mater post-graduation, as well as receive information on news, events or professional training organised by the Faculty. Helping our former students locate each other, or organise reunion events for graduates of the same year or group is also a part of our goals. Joining our Alumni community opens up the door for us to stay in touch with you, your post-graduation career paths, and even ask for your opinion and feedback pertaining to the labour market. Sharing information and experiences can help us further improve our Faculty's curriculum.

With 7 batches of Mechanical Engineers successfully graduated from SMME, the SMME Alumni body consists of 449 members; spread locally and internationally. 

To me, SMME is much more than a school; it’s an institution that molds entire futures. Coming into SMME with a plethora of learning differences, SMME has not only helped me academically, but truly helped me better understand myself and my capabilities. I found a very caring and homely environment at the university. I enjoyed the time I spent in the Mechanical Engineering program and in particular the compact class size and personalised attention that was given. The professors and mentors were very understanding and helpful on guiding us to a productive future. The faculty knew what was important to the students, providing us with the information needed to reach our goals and succeed in the workforce after graduation. They were all willing to go out of their way and spend extra time with the students. I have a very successful career since my graduation. My education by a great faculty at SMME contributed to that success.

Bilal Abbasi
President SMME Alumni Association 
Batch 2009 (ME01)
Aircraft Structure Engineer Technical Service- AirSial