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Bachelors in Software Engineering for Fall 2017 and Prior


4 years​​

Credit Hours





School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), NUST, Islamabad

Programme Description

Software Engineering is the practice of designing and implementing large, reliable, efficient and economical software by applying the principles and practices of engineering. The aim of the Bachelors in Software Engineering degree is to produce well-rounded software engineers who can fulfill the demand for software researchers, academics and developers in Pakistan. While the study of software engineering has a lot in common with computer science, software engineers learn much more about creating high-quality software in a systematic, controlled, and efficient manner. Software engineers are trained in all aspects of the software life cycle, from specification through analysis and design to testing maintenance and evaluation of the product. Software Engineers are concerned with safety and reliability of the product as well as cost and schedule of the development process.

Unique Features

The Software Engineering programme will teach students, the application of engineering concepts, techniques, and methods for the design, development, deployment and maintenance of software systems. Our graduates will be qualified professionals involved in the technical work of designing, documenting, coding and testing large software products. They will also be responsible for tasks such as directing projects, managing teams, estimating costs and resources, assessing business plans, reviewing proposals and suggesting innovations.

The programme will focus on imparting the knowledge and training which should enable students to harmonize theory with practice, concept with application and problem with solution. It will prepare them to apply ably engineering principles, practices and processes to design, develop, deploy and maintain software systems. The program will lead to development of students’ professional and interpersonal skills.

Important Courses

Software Engineering , Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Digital Logic Design, Database Design and Implementation, Operating Systems Concepts and Design, Computer Networks, Computer Organization and Assembly Language, Software Construction, Software Design and Architecture, Software Quality Engineering, Software Project Management

BESE Accreditation

BESE program is accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Accreditation is a continuous process, with the aim of improving the quality of education being imparted to students. At present, BESE program is accredited from PEC for the batches inducted in 2010, 2011, and 2012. PEC re-accreditation visit for subsequent batches has been conducted on 23-24 Feb 2017.

Career Outcomes

With software permeating virtually all aspects of our work in our society, a Software Engineering graduate has the option to work in many different sectors such as software industry, telecommunications, finance, health care, manufacturing, retailing, security, transport, etc. Other engineering areas like aeronautical, automotive, building, electrical, etc. also have increasing needs for software engineering. The entertainment industry with video games and movie animation too has a large demand for Software Engineers. In addition the SE program develops a strong background for pursuing higher education and research. Graduates from our programmes are studying and doing research at some of the best universities and institutes around the world including Stanford University (USA), California Institute of Technology (CALTECH – USA), CERN (Geneva), University of North Carolina (UNCC – Charlotte – USA), University of Reading (UK), Kyung-Hee University (South Korea), University of South Brittany (France) and University of West England (UK).