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A Half-Day Symposium On IoT: A key Enabler for the Connected World
Half Day
Rs. 8000 (Early Bird (till 18 July 2017): Rs 7000/-)

A Half-Day Symposium On IoT: A key Enabler for the Connected World

​The Internet of Things (IoT) has given us a notion of a smartly connected world, being driven by a network of embedded devices or ‘things’; observing, interacting and implementing feature(s) with minimal human intervention. The last decade has witnessed an explosive proliferation of IoT culture, thus reshaping the business and consumer models in all technological domains, ranging from common home and personal appliances to sophisticated and safety-critical systems.  Pakistani industry, while slow to initially respond, has recently demonstrated a huge potential to adopt and apply IoT for solving local challenges.  This half-day symposium is planned to introduce the IoT building-blocks to its participants, with an aim to understand its potential and motivate its adoption by the local industry. The symposium will cover diverse range of IoT topics, discussions and a show-case of local IoT projects.
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​20th July, 2017
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