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Workshop on Android Programming
Critical thinking is a significant tenet of a modern employment requirement. So is competence in computing. The Android Programming Workshop combines these two skill requirements in to a single cohesive course that encourages participants to engage in innovative problem solving skills with the information that they are provided in real time.
This course does not require previous knowledge of programming. It also does not require participants to engage in coding. The interface taught in this course is highly graphical that puts focus on the planning and organization of logic rather than the meticulousness of the code itself.
Course Organization
The tentative plan of the course is:
  1. Intro to API, Setup, Basic Programming Logic (Input/Output Components, variables, functions, classes, instances)
  2. Programming Logic (flowcharts,Loops, Conditions), Practice Project 1
  3. Remaining programming logic + Specific components, Practice Project 2
  4. Local Databases (Introduction + Implementation), Practice Project 3
  5. Web Databases + Final Project
  6. Demonstrations + Catch-Up
About the Instructor
Ibrahim Ahmed is an undergraduate student at the Vanderbilt University in the US. He is majoring in Engineering and Physics and has active interests in computing, quantum mechanics and cryptography. In his free time, Ibrahim enjoys reading, watching movies and TV shows and anime, and playing tennis.
You can read his views on the universe at
Registration Fee:
NUST Students: Rs. 300/-
Other Students: Rs. 400/-
Faculty/Others: Rs. 500/-
** Last date of registration: 18th May 2013
Bank Account Details:
Payments are received through online deposit / transfer, cheque , Bank Draft / Payorder to the under mentioned account and email receipt to with subject line "Workshop on Android Programming
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Name of Bank  Habib Bank Ltd
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