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Invited Talk on Strengthening Health Systems: Is there a role for eHealth?
by Dr Shariq Khoja (Global CEO- Tech4Life Enterprises
Technical Advisor –mHealth Alliance, United Nations Foundation; Adjunct Research Professor - Aga Khan University, and University of Calgary, Canada, and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology)

Target Audience
Any NUST student/alumni/faculty interested in the talk may attend.

Date and Time
Wednesday 25th September 2013 (3pm)

SEECS Seminar Hall

Registration Fee
Free to attend

Talk Abstract

Advancement in Information and Communication Technology is often perceived as an opportunity to strengthen processes and efficiencies of health related activities. Despite high relevance and growing penetration, many of these solutions fail to impact health systems. The question for today is how well the developers and innovators understand health systems and its relevance to the health of the population. How can we collectively ensure that the eHealth solutions not only achieve technology standards, but also ensure impact on strengthening health system and population health?

Speaker Profile: Dr Shariq Khoja
Dr. Shariq Khoja has been a leading scientist and planner in Health Systems and use of Information Technology in Health for over 15 years. Dr. Khoja leads the global operations of Tech4Life Enterprises for developing innovative eHealth and eLearning solutions. He is also an Advisor on the Core thematic areas of Evidence, Capacity and Policy for mobile Health (mHealth) at the mHealth Alliance. Dr. Khoja has been the Director for the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)’s eHealth Resource Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. He has extensive background and interest in using eHealth technologies to strengthen health systems in developing countries. Dr. Khoja got his medical degree from Aga Khan University, and M.Sc and PhD in global eHealth from University of Calgary. Dr. Khoja has led eHealth initiatives in over 10 countries of South and Central Asia and East Africa. Dr. Khoja was also the network lead for PAN Asian Collaboration for evidence-based e-Health Adoption and Application (PANACeA), which was funded by IDRC, and supported collaborative research in 12 Asian countries to create evidence for eHealth implementation. Dr. Khoja has been the recipient of several awards, such as Rising Star in Global Health by Grand Challenges Canada, and Grand Challenges award for improving mental health in Northern Afghanistan.  Dr. Khoja has written over 30 papers and several book chapters, along with developing tools for organizational needs and readiness assessment, and evaluation of eHealth initiatives.

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