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Symposium on Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing
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  • Deep Learning for Speech Recognition
  • Urdu Speech and Natural Language Processing
  • Novel applications of NLP in text processing and computer security


  • Prof. Dr. Mark Gales (Univ. Cambridge)
  • Dr. Farah Adeeba (UET Lahore)
  • Dr. Seemab Latif


  • Dr. Muhammad Ali Tahir (Assistant Professor, NUST SEECS)
  • Dr. Faisal Shafait (Professor, NUST SEECS)
  • Dr. Seemab Latif (Assistant Professor, NUST SEECS)

Speaker Profile: 

Prof. Dr. Mark Gales is currently Professor of Information Engineering in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory, Univ. of Cambridge. His area of research is automatic speech recognition. He has done pioneering work in speaker adaptive transformations in speech recognition. His current work is related to deep learning in speech and language processing. He is also working on applying Deep Learning in Non-native Spoken English Assessment

Dr. Farah Adeeba is working on spoken accent variations in speech recognition at Center of Language Engineering, University of Engg. & Tech, Lahore. She recently completed her PhD under renowned researcher Dr. Sarmad Hussain, UET Lahore.

Dr. Seemab Latif obtained PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing from Univ. Manchester in 2010. Her research interests include intrusion detection in computer and IoT networks. In NLP domain she is also working on automatic summay generation and training of children with learning disorders

Who should attend?

  • Industry professionals
  • Graduate and Undergraduate students
  • Business leaders
  • Academics looking for inter-disciplinary research opportunities

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