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7th EXYLENT Workshop
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EXYLENT (EXploring Young LEaders’ NaturalTalent) is an Exclusive 2-week workshop for bright students on ‘Innovation and Creativity’.

iaza12112846494800EXYLENT aims to help our youth choose a right career path that suits their natural talent as well as meet the job-market demand.

Designed in collaboration with the University of North Caroline Charlotte USA in 2008, this workshop exposes the youngsters to challenging problems and enhances their intellectual and analytical abilities.

This year the workshop, the sixth in the series, has even more to offer e.g. interesting lectures by renowned scientists and young entrepreneurs who will share how they built themselves from ground zero. The participants will also be taken on extremely interesting and informative tours to some industrial sites. 

It is all part of fun and excitement during summer. In the span of merely two weeks, the workshop will touch upon a number of core engineering and science disciplines. At the end, you will have a clearer idea of what you are genuinely interested in and how to go about achieving it.

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