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SEECS Departments
There are three academic divisions within NUST SEECS

The Department of Computing (DoC) was one of the first departments to be formed within the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) at NUST. In a very short period of time it has established a strong and growing international reputation for both teaching and research in Computing. It has expanded considerably over the last few years, incorporating new programmes both at the under-graduate and post-graduate levels. This has also included the development of a PhD programme. The Department is equipped with state of the art labs and there is an emphasis on providing suitable resources where required. show more

The Electrical Engineering (EE) Department at NUST SEECS currently offers an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering with various specialisations and a strong post-graduate programme leading to PhD in Electrical Engineering. The EE department offers a broad range of EE courses, both elementary and advanced, spanning the whole gamut of EE disciplines including areas such as electronics, electrical machines, power engineering, control systems, computer systems, communication systems and networks. The EE department aims to achieve academic and research leadership in its subject area. show more

​Department of Humanities and Sciences strives to provide the support in imparting comprehensive knowledge of basic sciences and humanitarian values at SEECS. It aims to contribute in the accomplishment of the mission of SEECS and focuses on the development of the personalities of students in lifelong learning. We are privileged to educate and groom some of the best and brightest students through provision of the strong foundation of Mathematics, Physics, communication skills, economics and professional ethics. Thus, helping them become well-informed participants and leaders in today's increasingly technological societies. show more