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Wisnet Lab

Lab In-charge: Dr. Syed Ali Khayam []

Details of equipment

Wireless G USB Adapters (Linksys)
Wireless N Home Router (linksys)
Wireless N Pc 1- adapter (linksys)
Wireless N ADSL-2 +Gateway (linksys)
Wireless N Accesspoint p o E (linksys)
Wireless Router 2.4 GHz (Dlink) 4port
Wireless Lan adapter (Dlink air)
Wireless N Router (Netgear /RangeMax)
Wireless N adapter (Netgear/RangeMax)

MicaZ Sensor
Micaz Motes
MIB 510 serial Programmer
MIB 600 Ethernet Programmer
Sensor board MTs 420
Antenna for MTs 420
Sensor board MTs 300
Data Acquistion Board MdA 300
Equipment from Korea
Router- Antenna
Adapter (Type 1)- Router
Adapter (Type 2)-Mote
Programing Board
J-Tag Cable

Cricket Sensors kit 410-CA
Beacon Motes
Listence Motes
Prog Board 510 Serial
Stargate kit
Stargate Main Board
TelosB Sensors
Telos B Motes
MIB 520 (USB Programmer Board)

Imote Sensors
Sensor Board
Processor Radio board