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Microwave and Antenna Lab

Lab In-charge: Ms Khalida Noori []

Details of equipment


Components of Microwave Trainer
Magic Tee
Variable Attenuator-Plane T
Slotted Section
Cross Directional Coupler
E-Plane T
E Plane Bend
H-Plane Bend
Direct Readout Frequency Meter
Precision Short
Multi-Hole Directional Coupler
Movable Short Mount
Tuneable Probe
Matched Termination
Detector Mount
Gunn Oscillator
W G Stand
PIN Modulator
Horn Antenna
W/G Twist
Broad wall Antenna
Narrow Wall Antenna
Antenna Trainer Tools
Antenna Trainer Base Unit
Motorized Antenna Unit
Accessories Box
Power Cable(Power Cord)
Rs-232 Cable(25-Pins)
Adapter 25 Pins to 9 Pins.
5 pin DIN Cable
Patch Cords(Black,Red)
BNC to Crocodile Cable
Accessories Case(ALFA Brand)
Dipole ?/2-Simple
Folded Dipole ?/2
Dipole ?/4-Simple
Yagi UDA Folded Dipole(3E)
Yagi UDA Folded Dipole(5E)
Yagi UDA Dipole(7E)-Simple
Yagi UDA Dipole (5E)-Simple
Horizontal End Fed Hertz Antenna
Horizontal End Fed Zeppelin Antenna
Ground Plane with Reflector
Slot Antenna
Loop Antenna
?/2 Phase Array
?/4 Phase Array
Combined Collinear Array
Log Periodic Antenna
Rhombus Antenna
Cut Paraboloid Reflector Antenna
Current Probe
Mounting Stand
Mounting Stand(Transmitting Mast)
Antenna Fabricator Kit
BNC-BNC Cable 18 inch
Power Cord-Mains cord
Detector Antenna
RF Detector
Board Side Array
Simple Dipole 3 ?/2
Accessory Box
BNC Tree
BNC- BNC Adapter
Screw Driver Aligner
Allen Key
Cable (Red)
Helix Antenna